Elite Athlete Download 2

Elite Athlete Download 2

Download the Hands Over Body Energetic Tuning Session

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I’m excited to share this additional bonus session with you, and I’m curious to hear about your experience with the session. Respond to any email I’ve sent you and let me know what’s been unfolding during these sessions.

As before, please **do not** listen to this session while driving. Many of my students and private session clients have had the experience of “dropping out” during transmission. This can feel like going to sleep, and often happens without any warning. It happens when the work that’s unfolding is deeper than what the individual can stay consciously aware of, and it not a problem … unless you’re driving when it happens – so please don’t drive and listen at the same time.

You may utilize this session for your own personal, private use. If you have any friends, family, or colleagues you would like to share the session with, please direct them to this page, so they can register for and receive these downloads directly.

I’ll be in touch again shortly, with some additional resources for you if you’d like to go deeper with this work.

With Much Love and Peace,

  • Hands Over the Body Energetic Tuning Session:

    • Audio: Listen Online or Download – Here (right click and ‘save as’ to your computer or phone, or click the link and stream online).