Spiritual Development in Three Symbols and Book Update

Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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Spiritual Development in Three Symbols and Book Update




Ken W Stone

My oldest daughter, Emma, turned 17 towards the beginning of February. She’s been going through some big inner developmental work, and the awareness and conversations that have come out of this have been challenging, enlightening, and inspiring for me as a parent, and a spiritual messenger.

I’ve shared with Emma the four stages of consciousness for a number of years, by way of helping her understand her developmental journey and challenges, as well as the opportunities each stage is presenting.

We recently revisited the four stages, but this time it was more distilled and succinct than ever before, and it came with three spontaneous symbols (hand motions). I wanted to share them with you. Perhaps they’re meaningful in your developmental journey. They’ve been very helpful for me.


Stage One: Victim Consciousness. Primarily identified with the disempowered separate self. A flat hand, facing towards the ground. Like this: _

Stage Two: Manifestor/Controlling Consciousness. Primarily identified with the empowered separate self. A flat hand, perpendicular to the ground. Like this: |

Stage Three: Conduit Consciousness. Beginning to be identified with the whole self. The left hand making a ‘C’ shape, and the right hand, opposite, making a backwards ‘C’ shape, like this: ( )

Stage Four: Union. ( )

Can you go from stage one _ to stage three ( ) directly? No—you have to “stand up” first and be primarily identified with your empowered separate self |.

Since we had this conversation, Emma and I can talk about which stage of consciousness is coming up by using these symbols with our hands. They’ve aided our conversations and deepened our inner exploration quite a bit.


Chapter 3 of my new book is dedicated to the stages of consciousness. One of the by-products of my time “in transcription” with this chapter has been a deep love for each stage of consciousness. Not only for how essential they all are, but for the gifts that only available in each stage.


Speaking of the book, I wanted to share these updates with you:

1) It’s fast approaching the next level of its integration and embodiment. Through the raw manuscript book study group, I have become aware that the book offers the reader a depth of transmission that is analogous to a one-on-one private session with me, exceeding anything I could have imagined possible. I’ve learned so much from the experience of being in the circle exploring the book, receiving feedback and suggestions, and much more with this wonderful group.

2) I’ve been guided to explore publishing the book through a traditional publisher, rather than self-publishing. As a result of the traditional publishing process, the publication date will be pushed back by quite a bit I imagine. I haven’t yet found an agent, though the one agent I emailed responded within 24 hours asking for a book proposal (aka a wonderful ongoing process—designed to ensure complete integration). Once I have an agent, they will approach publishers, and from there, once accepted, it will make it on the publisher’s production calendar. It’s possible this means that the book isn’t released until next year.

3) Which leads me to this: I have been getting paper airplanes from God on my lunch-time walks about offering another book study once the book is ready to be seen by a publisher. I’m not exactly sure about the timing of this quite yet, but I’m guessing I’ll have more information for you by mid-April. If you’d like to be on the ‘early bird’ notification list for this, please drop me an email with a note to that effect, and I’ll start a list.


God always takes care of all the details, from where I’m headed to how I’ll get there. I am following the call, which has included directions for what happens next (for example, this morning I went to implement edits on the latest round of the manuscript, and the clear message was: focus on the book proposal. So that’s what I did).

What is clear through all of this, is that I am being called to share all the ways that God expresses in, through, and as me, and to teach the structure that I have been given and discovered through that process, with as many people as possible. Writing this and future books is one way to share openly and widely. A YouTube channel and podcast are two additional ways I can do this.

One way that I have arrived at this clarity is through the writing process, where I am very clearly being called to hold nothing back. This is such a different approach than how some approach writing a book: for the purpose of introducing ideas, and then taking them further to their completion through paid programs and one-on-one work.

I’ll continue to offer paid programs for diving deeper with the work, however, the ideas in each book will be fully developed, and the audio transmissions that accompany each chapter will be free to download for readers. For example, it means that the next book, which will include the six practices of spiritual mastery, will contain the entirety of Beneath the Sand. So the practice of wholeness that I received in September 2010 will for the first time be available to anyone who reads the book, and engages with the accompanying downloadable transmissions.

I’m energized by this clarity and direction. And it presents some interesting challenges and opportunities, which I’m working through.

There’s no way to ( ) without fully exploring _ and | first.

I’ll keep you posted.


Thanks for being an important part of this community. I’ve been relatively quiet with very few updates this year, but I am here, sitting with you every morning, writing for the first two or three hours of each day, seven days a week.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to connect in this way, and I look forward to hearing from you if there are things coming up you’d like to share. I always appreciate hearing from you.

From My Soul, in God’s Presence . . .

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