Silence — From My Heart

Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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Silence — From My Heart




Ken W Stone

For me, the deepest spiritual experiences happen before words.


Is this because there are no words to describe the ineffable?

Is this because language is borne of the illusion of separation?


Many times these deep experiences are accompanied by tears.

The tears come from a sense of wonder and awe as well as from a direct experience of uncontained, undefined love.

My tears also come from encountering the truth.


On Sunday I watched my daughters perform together for the Christmas choir concert with their community choir.

The entire audience sang “O Come, All Ye Faithful” and then the choir joined us soaring over us with their part. Merely remembering it makes me cry … experiencing it was so moving I couldn’t sing anymore.

Later, Emma had a solo leading into Sanctus – from Mass for Many Nations.

More tears.


Singing makes me emotional. It’s one way we get to explore the resonance of the soul.


How did these young expressions of the Divine come to discover one of their gifts?

Am I following the resonance in my life, as much as their examples show me is possible?


Listening to Emma and Riley sing with their choir resonated with my soul.

And left me in wonder and awe.


The first time I read “The Power of Now” I cried.


Nearly every day in my private practice I am moved to tears by a client.

In the way they are discovering and sharing their Divinity.

As they more fully experience who they really are.

As I witness them deepen their relationship with themselves – with God.


Sometimes I think I have my act together.

Other times I know I don’t.

Always I want to stay connected to the place of wonder and awe of all the ways the Divine is expressing in the world.

Through the people we share this planet with.

Through the blade of grass or the tree.

Through the wave breaking on the shore.


These experiences of the Divine erupting and expressing (through a book, the ocean, our children) remind us that Divine resonance is everywhere – and most importantly inside each of us.


Does it inspire you to let go even more when you witness the Divine in motion in your life?


Sometimes I am inspired to surrender more completely. And sometimes I get confused about what it means to let the Divine shine through me, and I get caught up with control.


Control eventually leads to more dissonance, whereas surrender leads to more resonance.


Surrender is the act of subordinating the ego to the soul.


The embodied soul is the pathway through which we experience the Divine within.


The miracle that leaves me sobbing on occasion is the recognition that no matter what our situation or circumstance, a deeper experience of our Divinity is always available to us.

This is the nature of the infinite expressing itself through us.

There is always more …





This statement is not made from lack, but from an acknowledgement that our deepest experiences of our true nature come from letting go of control and allowing the Divine to express through us.

This unfolding is ongoing …


With each breath we are shown the liberation of surrender.

As we exhale we let go completely.

As we inhale we receive anew.


Underneath all the noise – the worry, the preoccupation, and the fear – is a song.


This song has no words, yet you may find words the describe what you feel when you experience your song.


As you put words to your song and begin to sing them from an embodied state, they communicate and transmit the consciousness that is revealing itself you.


As others experience your song, they awaken more fully to their own song, and as they witness you singing, they are inspired to sing their song.


Your song can only be sung by you, yet when you sing your song with others theirs, the glorious chorus that results could have only been created by the Divine.


And so it is as we each sing our song – in groups of 2 or 3. Or a thousand. Or a million. Or all of creation.

An infinitely breathtaking creation, each of us focused on our own parts, Divinely woven together.


My daughters reminded me of this earlier this week.

Of the importance of not holding back – of letting the inner beauty out to be experienced.

Of following that pull.


And to what end?

If you’ve ever started to sing your song – to allow yourself to experience your gift -you know: it begins with you.

This is the journey of self-love – of surrender.

The rest is the after party.

It begins with you.

Through you, by you, for you.


You are that important.

Your song – your gift – is that important.

Without you, the chorus is incomplete.


That’s it for this week … From My Heart.


Ken Stone
The Soul Archaeologist
Experience the Divine Within