Restoring Divine Resonance

Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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Restoring Divine Resonance




Ken W Stone

Our natural state as undistorted expressions and extensions of the Divine is resonance.

Divine resonance for me could mean a sense of calm or inner peace, but for you, something entirely different. Indeed, it might mean something different to each person on the planet at any given moment, how glorious our relationship and experience of the Divine!

We could categorize different classes of resonance based on in which stage of consciousness a person is primarily integrated. For example, the resonance of Victim Consciousness might be safety, whereas the resonance of Controlling Consciousness might be one’s dreams fully manifest.

One we open to a deeper relationship with God and the commensurate experiences of divine resonance that follow, exclusively accessible through complete surrender, the methodology for returning to resonance is wholly different. No longer are we avoiding something bad or controlling our way to something we imagine will be good. Instead we are opening to the experience of the Divine as an unknowable presence and expression in, through, and as us on every inner and outer level.


God expresses through you in a unique way. What results, we could call your spiritual gifts. For some it’s artistic expression. Others it’s the written or spoken word, and what is enlivened in others when they read or hear these words. In others it’s a healing gift that spontaneously expresses when sitting with another. Maybe you have some sense of at least some part of God’s expression as you?

If you do, you have already experienced this truth: being in the expression of these gifts leads to an important experience of intimacy with God, and with this, comes a profound sense of resonance. It happens no matter what else may be going on in your life. No matter in what manner the illusion of separation is drawing you back into suffering.

If you already have the anchor of this experience of God as you, then the pathway is clear: engage in the experience of God’s expression as you – as your gifts.

When you do, no matter how overwhelming the nightmare of separation may be, you have immediately pierced separation and are having a visceral experience on some level of what is actually real. By whatever language, an experience of God’s love . . . for you, for others, for everyone and everything.

If you don’t know how to open to God’s expression through you, there’s a huge opportunity in your life right now: to discover and explore this! The language to describe this process is very simple: to shift from living your life according to what appears to be real, to orienting every aspect of your being around what is actually real.

What does this actually mean? Fundamentally, rather than engaging with yourself, others, and God as if you are separate, you begin doing the work to experience yourself, others, and God as One. Not the imagined or projected idea of what this means. The visceral experience of it. The embodied knowledge, which can only grow out of the experience of this truth.

From my perspective it begins with experiencing the Divine within. Feeling God inside of you, as you. Tingling, warmth, buzzing—physical resonance—in some very ordinary and familiar yet somehow new and extraordinary manner, inside of you.

The words to describe this process are all steeped in separation, for how can we describe the transition from the illusory to the truth, except from the perspective of what appears to be, but is not actually real. Otherwise, we deny our experiences and opportunity for learning and integration, which are only available in separation.

If you want to have an experience of the Divine within right now, I invite you to set aside the next 90 minutes of your day and listen to this session I did on soul embodiment from the last Resonance Experiment.

Even if you already have some idea – or even a very refined idea of what God’s expression as you is—of what “your” divine gifts are—I invite you to listen and experience on an even deeper, who you really are …

The process from there is simple. Further and further into the experience of the Divine within. Everything else will naturally follow. Eventually you’ll discover the limits of what you can control (it’s an absolute limit – you’re not doing anything wrong if you think you did the math equation wrong, in truth, ultimately the pathway to Divine resonance is with God, and God alone) and complete surrender will follow. And with it, the absolute freedom and liberation from suffering that are only possible with God.

And then, some day you’ll forgot. The challenges of your life, or someone else’s life will begin to take you over. You might feel lost, or beyond hope, or incapable of fixing or resolving. And then, because your life is designed around it, or randomly for no apparent reason, you’ll have an opportunity to dive deep into God’s expression as you. And as you slip back into the river of divine flow, you will remember this is all there is. Nothing is separate. Everything is whole.

And in that moment, it will all flood throughout your entire being, and what hasn’t been as visible or real, will once again become the primary source of experiencing what is really real—and all the illusory dynamics so easily seen or contemplated, will fade away as Divine Presence once again floods into every aspect of your inner and outer awareness.

That’s it for this week . . . From My Heart.

Further Into the Mystery—All the More Extraordinary with You!



PS – This week’s video is now posted (an exploration of how to fix your life, responding to the question: ‘why are all these things going wrong?’):