Playing — From My Heart

Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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Playing — From My Heart




Ken W Stone

Do you ever find yourself taking things too seriously?

Do you regularly take time to play?


Reflecting back on the last 6 months I realize that I’ve been had my nose down, with lots on my “work” list and I haven’t been playing as much.

It’s easy to do. I keep getting inspiration and guidance about what I’m to be doing next and I want to take action.

Plus I love what I do. Working with clients – projects, etc. is fun.

But it’s not the same as playing.


Playing is getting out my remote control helicopters or planes and flying for a while. Or spending a good portion of the day reading a novel.

I haven’t been doing much of this kind of playing lately.


That’s changing starting today.

I’m unplugging for the next 12 days.

Going to focus on my family – no emails, no texts, no sessions. Just family.


This commitment to truly taking the time away was a bit of a challenge for me.

First, I conduct weekly group sessions for members of The Sanctuary every Tuesday.

Second, the spring equinox is happening while I’ll be gone – and I’ve been doing a group healing session on each equinox and solstice for nearly two years.

Third, I have really amazing private clients that I love working with – who are doing amazing things in the world.

And the list could go on and on.

I haven’t had time completely away from my business since I began exploring this gift more than 6 years ago. It is time!

For every challenge, an answer has presented itself:

I can pre-record next week’s group session for The Sanctuary. If you’ve ever listened to a recording of one of my group sessions you know the impact is the same as participating “live.”

The same solution is available for the spring/fall equinox next Thursday.

And my private clients? They’re thrilled I’m taking time for myself and my family. They regularly do the same.


Ten years ago my life was all serious full of stress. I had been living a serious adult life – no time to goof off and be silly.

Virtue was hard work and being serious – thinking hard – staying focused – getting somewhere.

I was working hard to control every little thing. And really unhappy with all the ways I wasn’t succeeding.

When I started waking up I remembered what it was to be a kid – to be silly – to have fun – not with any goal in mind per se, rather just for the sake of having fun.

I like to think that the last seven years of my life have been a study in being goofy and silly. That I’ve been remembering how to be a child again and let the joy of simply being come out in every aspect of my life.

It’s been wonderful. And now it’s time for the next step: turning it all off.

Twelve days of quiet – and no electronics.

I suspect it will be like the first few times I meditated – really wonderful – with moments of panic as my mind starts racing wondering what’s “really happening” LOL!!

I don’t think I’ll be flying my planes or helicopters for another months or two (we’re still getting snow in Colorado) but starting earlier today, I unplugged.

This week’s email was written a little ahead of time and scheduled to be sent even though I’m away from the computer. Ditto for next week. I wrote from my heart and thought about you … and now it’s time for technology to take care of the rest.

Mary Alice is checking email while I’m gone – so if you need something you’re in good hands.

And I’m looking forward to time with Amy, Emma, Riley, Madeline, and Georgia … and time to read a book and relax on my own as well.

That’s it for this week … From My Heart.



Ken W. Stone
The Soul Archaeologist
Experience the Divine Within