Keeping it Real – From My Heart #12

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Internationally Recognized Spiritual Teacher and Healer, and Creator of the Transformational Beneath the Sand Program

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Keeping it Real – From My Heart #12




Ken W Stone

This past week I’ve caught up on the phone and email with a number of different people around the world.  The common theme to all these conversations was keeping it real, and how the space that I play in with my calling is available to everyone.  No special pass or credentials necessary. One person said – as I was answering his questions about my journey and experience – “It’s reassuring to know that you’re a real person living in the real world.”  He went on to describe going to a variety of different events and listening to people talk from the stage about their amazing life and all the wonderful things that happen to them all the time.  Without any discussion of their journey or what it takes to be in that state.  Or the fact that they live in the real world too. Although I have always lived in the real world, I haven’t always wanted to communicate from that perspective.  I’ve wanted to pretend, or fabricate what’s really going on at various times in my life.  At those moments, I thought it was better to put on, than keep it real. Even now, it’s tempting to make everything sound so perfect, that I’m not challenged in some areas of my life – that everything is perfect.  Guess what: We’re all in the same soup! Here’s what I know.  There is a perfect place inside me and it’s inside me because I’m a human being.  I’ve done nothing special to deserve that space.  And the more I practice going into that space, the more aligned I become, and the easier my life is, and the more access I have – from moment to moment to my inner peace and joy.  And I still live in the real world. I think the transformation that we’re all looking for – including the folks I talked with this week – the ability to experience AND know – to see and feel and have the practical results of the powerful things we know – is available to everyone.  And it doesn’t take some magical thing from outside us to find and experience. And I’m living proof of that.  I’m more average than the “average guy.”  And my hands and feet buzz and wonderful things happen when I spend time with folks.  But I didn’t train for it.  Didn’t certify.  I just bumped into it.  And you can too. From my heart, if you’re hurting physically, emotionally, or spiritually – I can help.  If you’re feeling stuck no matter what you keep trying and nothing is changing, I can help. I can help you discover the place within you where you heal yourself.  Where you find traction.  Where you change your life. I just hung up with a woman I was working with for 30 minutes.  We started and she was at a 7 on the physical pain scale.  And the close she said she couldn’t remember feeling that good.  That was work she did.  I merely facilitated.  She also had a bunch of amazing intuitive insights.  They came to her directly – not to me or though me. You have this too and you can experience it for yourself.  Drop me an email and let’s find a time to chat on the phone to explore if what I do would be a good fit for what you’re looking for in your life. I’m so grateful to be connected with you this way! Peace, Ken PS – Seriously – I’d love to hear from you.  Just click the  email link – and your email will come to me personally.