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Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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Inside the Lines — From My Heart




Ken W Stone

Do you color inside the lines?


I have always admired artists.

Especially those who, without apology or explanation, interpret through their own perspective and lens – and share that in their art through their creations and the way they live their life.


I have lived much of my life worried about coloring inside the lines of life. Trying to find a way to fit.

My personality hasn’t ever really fit inside the lines. Others thought me too loud, too emotional, and too excited or enthusiastic.

It wasn’t until I fully embraced myself and began loving myself fully just as I am that I was able to actually begin living my life as me.
All the parts of me that are inside the lines.

And all the parts of me that are outside the lines.


The most important recipient of your Divine gifts is you.

Interestingly, until you receive and integrate them fully within and for you, you will be unable to fully own and share them with others.

(As an aside – this does not mean you need to wait to begin exploring and sharing your gifts until you fully integrate and receive them for yourself.)


All the ways I was outside the lines suddenly looked mild and tame by comparison once I began pursuing my spiritual gifts – especially to my parents, siblings, and extended family.

I remember an uncle (himself a very successful entrepreneur) trying to convince me not to give up my “regular” job in mortgage lending in August of 2010 – telling me: one of the most successful photographers of our time works as dentist Monday through Wednesday.

The message was clear: stay inside the lines. Whatever you think you need to do, don’t abandon convention – the rational way of living life.


Interesting theme among spiritual messengers:

Worrying about fully stepping into one’s gift, for fear that whatever results is inappropriate while others are still suffering.


Your soul is calling you forward on your journey. Ignore the call of the inner Divine and continue with your life’s lessons and contrasting experiences. Or heed the call and embrace the path of personal and spiritual transmutation – through the fire – to an unfolding experience of resonance that is beyond anything you can imagine.


Another interesting theme:

Questions of worthiness when wondering “why me” vis-à-vis one’s gift.


Even once I had begun to embrace my gifts I left it to others to define my gifts, and give voice to my purpose and my soul’s message. Only after I called my power home and claimed my gifts and purpose as mine – outside the lines and all – were others able to respond to that inner tug to connect, that they might experience themselves and the divine within in a deeper way.


Walking the path of transmuting fire is outside the lines of convention. Yet this path is well inside the container of your soul, your body, and your mind (at some point on this awe filled journey these three will appear to become one (in truth you have always been fully integrated) – and you will have remembered and experienced who you really are).

Will you listen to the sound of your soul leading you to resonance, even if it defies convention every step of the way?


I remember wondering why my uncle was trying to move me away from what seemed to me to be such a clear path forward in resonance.

I realize now that my soul’s song was designed to resonate first within me – to call me to my purpose.

It’s only once I began to fully embrace that song as my own and embody it – that others could see the outward resonance of my path.


My family’s inability to see the resonance of my soul’s path even today shows me that somewhere inside, I have yet to fully embody my gifts and my purpose, for who could deny the power and beauty of embodied resonance?


As above, so below I am always remembering of the sweet mirrors in my life.


I am constantly exploring the line between fully supporting my gifts and purpose, and stepping away, deflecting, and letting my ego run wild.

The difference is extraordinary – a clean signal and message – versus static. Inside the difference feels like flow and resonance and tears of wonder and awe in service – versus pride, stuck, and lots of personal effort and exhaustion.


All aspects of the exploration are outside the lines.

Sometimes that’s a source of great laughter and giggles.


Interesting reference points on the spiritual journey towards embracing one’s gifts and purpose:

Earlier – worried about being a fraud.

Later – worried about not being a fraud. (think of Marianne Williamson’s wonderful quote: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate … “)


Both reference points are outside the lines.


Is it time to start drawing outside the lines and letting your soul’s song erupt in some quiet corner of your life?

Before you know it, you will see and experience resonance in nearly every area of your experience, even as you are constantly called forward into the unknown.


One aspect of our myth is that we must know and understand for greater resonance to unfold.

In truth, the next step towards greater resonance is always taken in faith.

Will you take the next step?


That’s it for this week … From My Heart.



PS – Thank you to everyone who shared their answer to my question several weeks ago. I am grateful for your feedback – it’s helping shape the future of my work.

PPS – Thanks for reading each week and interacting with me and sharing your life with me. We are connected in many ways – and I am so grateful. As I breathe in and out remembering that with each breath we are all connected … to everyone and everything in the cosmos, including that nameless energy that underwrites all others …

Ken Stone
The Soul Archaeologist
Experience the Divine Within