From My Heart #3

Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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From My Heart #3




Ken W Stone

Originally emailed on 4.07.2011

What pain are you in, that you wish would just go away?
is it physical, emotional, or spiritual?

It’s not a rhetorical question – I’d really like
to know the answer. Would you please hit ‘reply’
to this email (post in comments below) and let me
know the answer?

The theme of the week has been pain. I’ve seen
clients in my private practice for pain this week
and I’ve been writing about pain for an e-book
on recovering from PTSD.

Here’s the fascinating thing about pain: The source
for all pain is the same. And the answer isn’t the
mind! The source of all pain is at a deep level of the
individuated self.

And I can feel that level of the self when I’m in session.
I don’t feel the pain personally – but I feel it energetically
– literally in my hands and feet. And as I feel it, it goes away.

And I’ve figured out how to teach other people how to facilitate
this experience for themselves – how to work on their own pain.
More to the point, I’ve figured out how to teach you how to
eliminate the source of your pain.

So would you like to learn how to get rid of your pain?

Drop me a line and let me know about your pain: Physically
and psychologically, and spiritually. Even if you think
your pain doesn’t fall into one of these categories, tell
me about it. Include your phone number (and location) or
your skype address if you’re outside of North America.
I’d like to talk with you about your pain, and see if
I might be able to help you learn how to fix it for yourself.

I’m so grateful to be connected with you in this