Free Will — From My Heart

Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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Free Will — From My Heart




Ken W Stone

What does it mean that God loves us unconditionally?

Does it mean there is a plan?

Do we have free will?

If so, what does it mean to have free will?


I had a fascinating series of email exchanges with a member of our community (Deb) this past week.

She wondered among other things why some could have a direct experience of the Divine, while others (including her) were left longing for those experiences and frustrated.

What does this apparent difference say about God? What does it say about us?

As we wrote emails back and forth I started reflecting on the last 12 years of my journey – specifically those points along my journey that resonate deeply with what Deb was expressing – as well as the points of liberation.

It’s been an interesting contemplation. And my gratitude for Deb, her questions and her perspective has been overflowing all along the way.


First: Consider the soul (or for our Hindu brothers and sisters, consider the individuated spirit – the individuated essence).

What does it want?

What conditions are ideal for the soul?

What will the soul do to perpetuate?

Did your soul exist before your inception as your current incarnation?

Will it exist after you drop the body?

What is meant by the term “soul contract?”

What (if anything) are we here to learn?

What (if anything) is your soul here to learn (or here to teach)?


If the soul seeks resonance on all levels, what can we do to make a place for the soul to be at home in the body?

What transmuting powers are brought to bear with your embodied soul?

Is your soul the pathway – the conduit – through which you can directly feel the presence of the Divine in your body?

What impact have traumas or stresses had on your soul throughout the course of your life?

What impact have traumas or stresses had on your body throughout the course of your life?

Are these impacts permanent?


What is the relationship between the soul’s “trajectory” and free will?

What role (if any) does free will play in how we experience ourselves, or God?

What relationship exists (if any) between free will and the illusion of separation?


Why do some appear to live a blessed life, whereas others appear to be stuck in hardship and suffering?

What differentiates the two?

Does God smile upon some, but frown on others?


Second: Consider the Divine.

Is there any way to be separate from the Divine?

Is it possible that anything is separate from the Divine?


If the answer is no, how do we explain or understand “evil” or dissonance that rises to the level of destruction or oppression?

If the answer is yes, how do we deal with the problem of “evil?”


Asked another way, is “evil” a perceptual view challenge, or is it real?

For that matter, what is real?

What if any role do belief play in our perceptual view, or in what we experience, or indeed, in what happens in our lives?


Third: I submit a few reflections from my journey for your consideration.

My awakening and subsequent awareness of my spiritual gifts was not something I had specific information about (at least not consciously) ahead of time.

Indeed, my beliefs about what was possible and what I was capable of were (and continue to be) constantly being challenged by my life experiences. There was nothing in my awareness that made me think my purpose had anything to do with spirituality or an experience of the Divine for myself, much less in sharing that experience with others.

Yet I felt drawn to something I could not describe or explain to anyone – not even myself. Despite this, I still followed the feeling.


My extensive frustration with the gap between the spiritual knowledge I was acquiring through reading many different books – and the actual experiences I was having in my life grew exponentially between 2002 when I first read “The Power of Now” and the summer and fall of 2007 when I first learned to meditate – and subsequently was told of my gifts.

This gap didn’t really begin to resolve itself until I began to work with people and share and explore my gift with others in January of 2008.

My point: Nowhere along the way did my beliefs adjust – until after I witnessed – facilitated – these experiences for others, and subsequently, in myself.

While beliefs may indeed be in the vicinity of primary – they don’t appear to be foundational from my experience. At the foundation is the direct experience of the Divine – which is available to each of us regardless of belief.


Can you think of a similar experience in your life – where what you were feeling or experiencing eclipsed your beliefs at some very basis level?

What subsequent impact did that have on your beliefs?


Who speaks for God?

Along the way I’ve run into a number of intuitives who claimed to be channeling the Divine.

More often than not, they have been confused between whatever intuitive guidance or insight they’ve received, and their own agenda or ego.

This has had a huge impact on me – and the more I’ve worked with people in private session, the more I’ve seen that we all have a line to the Divine.

In other words, your strongest connection, awareness, and information about and from God comes through you.

Because it’s easy to be confused about the quality and nature of that intuitive guidance, it can be very helpful to have a process or support in understanding what is resonant and in your highest and best. AND, it’s super important to hold your power – that is: don’t give your power away to others.


When you turn inward to uncover and explore your Divine connection, you open to the truth that everything you seek, lies within.


In other words, in your life (for you), you speak for God – or more to the point: God speaks through you.

There’s so much more behind these questions for me. Right now I’m most interested in hearing your perspective – your insights – your awareness – your questions. Hit reply and let me know what’s on your mind.

The dialogue is just beginning!

That’s it for this week … From My Heart.



Ken W. Stone
The Soul Archaeologist
Experience the Divine Within