Fear of Failure? From My Heart #20

Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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Fear of Failure? From My Heart #20




Ken W Stone

I was talking with a good friend earlier this
week and the conversation turned to her
upcoming sessions with me. She looked
right at me and from the depth of her being
she said: “I’m afraid. I’m afraid that it won’t
work for me, and if this doesn’t work, then I
will be stuck in this life without experiencing
God inside of me.”

What a From the Heart comment – and it
took me by surprise. I wondered if she was
saying she was afraid that my process
wouldn’t work for her. But she was concerned
that there is something fundamentally wrong
with her – and that’s why it won’t work.

You know, I think we all probably feel this way,
and this is a function of our human condition.
We feel so broken, so far away from God
(the Divine, Universe, etc.) that we think
we’re incapable of feeling God within, or
being connected to God. How honest and
vulnerable, and open of my friend to share
these thoughts. And remind me of the
fundamental truth she was speaking.

The process of stepping into the experience
of who we are can be terrifying. What if
it doesn’t work? Would that be further
proof of our fundamentally damaged

If we don’t try, then it’s OK – because we don’t
have complete proof of how damaged we are.

Can you identify with this? Where is fear of
failure showing up in your life?

Email me and let me know – how does fear
of failure affect your life right now? Does your
fear relate to your experience (or lack of
experience) of God in your life, of fear that God
is not available to you – and won’t be?

I had an experience of visiting the Poudre
river (here where I live in Fort Collins,
Colorado – US) last weekend. As I gazed
out on the river I realized that the river
is flowing all of the time. The river does
not rely on me to be aware of it to flow.

It is the same with your connection to the
Divine. The river is flowing. Taking your
awareness to that fact – and then
experiencing it – is available to you. I know
this because the river is flowing. Through
everyone and everything.

I’m grateful we’re connected in this way –
and I’m looking forward to hearing from