Experience Your Inner Healing Power Bonus Sessions

Bonus Sessions

I’m Excited to Share These Powerful Sessions with You to Support You in Your Journey as a Spiritual Messenger!

Did you know you’re a spiritual messenger? That you’re here with a unique set of spiritual gifts, message, and mission – that has been given to you by the Divine – that expresses itself only through you?

Whatever your level of awareness of yourself as a spiritual messenger, these sessions take what you’ve experienced through the Experience Your Inner Healing Power Program and move it towards the next level. 🙂

I recommend you listen in the order they’re available for download on the page:

First – This is an abbreviated version of Divine Connecting Breath combined with the practice of embodying the soul (a profound practice, BTW): Download this session here (right click and ‘save as’ to your computer)

This session should be listened to prior to the Divine Transmission Tower Session to ensure that you’ve pierced separation and are fully embodied. When you’ve done both, you’re fully prepared for doing deep spiritual work and engage fully with the session!

Second – the Divine Transmission Tower Session. This session opens a vision of your true resonance, message, and mission in the world – and supports you in embodying what is already there and ready for you.

Download the session here (right click the link and ‘save as’ to your computer)

Take your time with these resources and give yourself time to integrate following each session. It’s powerful stuff – because you’re a powerful instrument through which the Divine expresses in the world.

You have a profound gift and message within you. No matter how aware you are of this fact – and your gifts and message – the most essential aspect of yourself is always available to you to feel and experience more fully. The Divine is within you and always ready to reveal itself more fully to you and through you!

It’s an honor to be invited with you on your journey.