Deeper Resonance — From My Heart

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Internationally Recognized Spiritual Teacher and Healer, and Creator of the Transformational Beneath the Sand Program

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Deeper Resonance — From My Heart




Ken W Stone

There is a deeper experience of resonance waiting to burst forth in your life. No matter who you are, or what you’ve accomplished. *** No matter how aware or enlightened you think you are … No matter how unaware or “unenlightened” you think you are … *** Deeper resonance is always available to you right now. *** What must be processed or “dealt with” for deeper resonance to unfold? Nothing. Indeed, the processing of “stuff” many times keeps us stuck. [note: the exception to this rule is the transmuting power of your embodied soul. Even then you can still get stuck – attached to the idea that there is more “work” to do to process and understand your stuff.  Guess what? That stuff is an illusion – it’s not real. The more time you spend working on something that’s not real, the more real it appears to be.] *** Deeper resonance (without end) is who you are …. Literally: no matter what you’ve done to others – or what’s been done to you, you are an undistorted expression of the Divine. There is NOTHING you can do to sever this most essential aspect of your nature. (yet this idea may well challenge you – indeed you may have stories of why that’s not true with lots of evidence for why your story is true. You story is borne of the illusion of separation. Time for a new experience – and a new story! Time to pierce the illusion of separation!!) *** Discover this truth within, and then find it reflected back in all you encounter. *** The Divine is within. The Divine is everywhere – in everyone and everything. *** As you explore deeper resonance, you will find that the more you let go of control – even to the point of letting go of what you think you know and understand – the deeper your experience of resonance. *** For all our desire to understand and know – to process, parse, and reveal patterns, we are part of and an extension of something that is so far beyond our ability to completely comprehend. Thus when we let go of what we think we understand or know, we open up to a deeper experience of what is real – of who we truly are. *** This journey is ongoing, for no matter how much we let go, or what awareness flows in, our current perceptions are built on a perspective that is constantly changing. And so it is with the Divine. *** The Divine is within. *** Then there will come a day when the surge of Divine resonance is so comprehensive that you begin to play with the energy that is emanating from within. As you play with it you will discover that there is no distance between you and the Divine. *** You have come to union. *** Another petal on the flower of awareness will fall away revealing yet another paradox. *** There is nothing more to surrender – indeed, even the concept of surrender is borne of separation. *** Indeed, there is nothing to practice. *** Does the rose need to practice being a rose? No – it simply is. *** And then there is only the singularity – the one. *** If you say anything, you will say: I Am. *** That’s it for this week … From My Heart. Peace, Ken   Ken Stone The Soul Archaeologist Experience the Divine Within