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Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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Clarity — From My Heart




Ken W Stone

I used to try to write a cohesive narrative each week with my “From My Heart” email. I did that until I got to a point where I felt limited by the pressure of creating something linear. My response was to begin writing in short thoughts, reflections, and insights. Sometimes they related to one another – sometimes not. I felt liberated by this new structure that I created, free to write about spirituality without any conventional framework. Yet with some regularity, I receive feedback that my emails are hard to follow.

What is the point, I’m regularly asked. Every once in a while clarity would flood my missive – and the response to those From My Heart messages was immediate.


In the end, isn’t it all about clarity? What does it take to get to the point of clarity? In writing, yes of course – but isn’t the question just as important in any aspect of life?


Not surprisingly, clarity – or the lack thereof – has been playing out in other areas of my life. One HUGE example of this has been in my business – especially around the essence of my message and with whom I’m meant to be sharing that message.

Over the last two plus years I’ve been powerfully drawn to reach out and connect with a larger audience with my writing and programs. In the last year, I’ve also wanted to connect with audiences in person. As powerful as virtual connection is, there is nothing like sitting in deep resonance with a group, in person.

Yet for all the growth and resonance I’ve experienced, something hasn’t been fully in alignment. I’ve seen evidence of that in ways that weren’t that obvious at the time – but looking back on it now, seems so crystal clear.

For example, new programs that I’ve been working on this year aren’t yet recorded and produced. A book that I started early in 2012 remains unfinished, and another book that I started several months ago sits incomplete – despite the fact that both books contain powerful insights and practices that could be utilized by many people to transform their lives. A website concept that will surely lead to connecting with and serving a much larger audience sits on the sideline – no matter how many plans for implementing are made. A strong desire to speak publicly and conduct group sessions and workshops hasn’t translated into many speaking opportunities … until recently.

What has been missing you may be wondering? Clarity about for whom my message is meant.

As these opportunities have unfolded, my mind and my ego – have become attached to the idea of working with the general public – and large audiences at that. As a result, I’ve become preoccupied with trying to figure out how to massage my message for the mass market. Any aspect of my business where I’ve been focused on the mass market has slowed down, with the momentum of inspired ideas and resonance, quickly fading away and being replaced by dissonance and inaction.

Meanwhile, the aspects of my business that have been in alignment with my purpose and true message have continued to grow in ways that aren’t easy to rationally explain or understand.

I’ve seen this the outward signs of this resonance in two key areas: with my private session clients – and with my Foundations of Spiritual Mastery I program (but only when I’ve shared it in the context of my true message).

Whom am I meant to serve, you may be wondering? Spiritual Messengers. And what is a Spiritual Messenger? As you can imagine, there’s a continuum. On the one end are people who are feeling pulled towards some deeper purpose, who are opening to a deeper awareness of their true nature. On the other hand are people who have some sense of their purpose and message – best-selling authors and speakers who are connected in some powerful way to their true nature in their message and their life. What differentiates a messenger from a spiritual messenger? The spiritual messenger is connected to the Divine – and their message flows from that connection.

It’s an amazing group of people, and I have been so fortunate to work with people in all phases of that continuum. These are my people. My message is already honed by the Divine – and not surprisingly, this is the journey I’ve been walking.


The transition from being focused on the general public to being focused exclusively on Spiritual Messengers is one I’ve made before, interestingly enough. I was reviewing an old web-page the other day that contained a video I made for a group of spiritual professionals I was going to be working with for a Friday evening talk and group session followed by a day-long Saturday workshop. At the beginning of the video I described who I work with and serve – and I was crystal clear about Spiritual Messengers. I shot the video in January of 2012.

And promptly forgot about that clarity – instead getting caught up in separation and control, seduced by the idea of a message tailored for the mass market.

Two and half years later, I’m having an epiphany (again) – digging in deeper around this theme once again.

Not surprisingly, surrender has played a critical role in getting to clarity – after all, I had to let go of the idea I had of how things would unfold. Only then did I have clarity about my message … and immediately following, a deep sense of relief – and enthusiasm for my people.

Give me someone who has been deeply drawn towards the inner journey, towards something they don’t understand – and I’ll get excited like a kid at the amusement park at the prospect of working with them to discover their inner resonance and step into purpose and all that comes with that! Ditto with a “mature” spiritual messenger who is already a best-selling author or well-known speaker – and everyone in between!! Interestingly enough, the challenges and opportunities are very similar for all spiritual messengers – though the person who is just cracking open might not ever imagine that to be true.


I’m sure it comes as no surprise to you that with all this clarity and enthusiasm has come momentum. The books are building up within me, like two dams that are ready to burst now that I know whom I’m writing to. The website strategy was focused on the wrong audience – no wonder it couldn’t ever get done! The speaking opportunities are beginning to reveal themselves.

And the key underlying all the clarity? Alignment. With who I really am. With the true frequency of resonance that is wanting to express itself through me.

There are many different ways that I know when I’m in alignment, when there’s resonance within. I feel the resonance in my hands and feet. It’s the same buzzing I feel when I’m in session. Resonance in my hands = spiritual alignment. In my hands = resonance in the mirrors (body, outward expression of life, etc.).

There’s also the emotional response. For me it’s tears. In the presence of the truth. When it sparks that deep resonance. And when I’m witnessing someone doing deep work, coming to a deeper awareness of who they really are. Tears.

You know what makes me cry? Thinking about supporting someone who is just waking up to a deeper calling in their lives so they can deepen their connection with themselves, the Divine, and their purpose.

From our first experience of who we really are flows everything else. When we are in alignment – in resonance with our true nature – EVERYTHING is in resonance. Everything!!!


To my brothers and sisters who are Spiritual Messengers – the ones who are just waking up to this calling, to the ones who are world renowned, and everyone in between, I am so honored to be connected with you in this way.

The gift the Divine has given me is to support you connecting at the deepest, most essential levels of your being, with who you really are … so you can more fully remember, and experience … and then share your gifts with the world bathed in the resonance of your true nature.

Together let’s dive in to this deepest space inside you – and there we’ll find the deepest space that lies within us all. Let us resonate deeply with the message that is born there, and allow it to eventually find expression through you.

And then let’s celebrate as that extraordinary, unique message begins to erupt within you and find its way into your tribe so you can do the work in the world that you were put here to do.

It is in supporting you in doing your work, that I have the opportunity to do my work. And together we will serve those we’re meant to so that each aspect of the one from which we all come, can express and live and love … within, and in the world.

I am forever committed to supporting you in uncovering, exploring, and embodying your brilliance and your Divine Resonance.

That’s it for this week … From My Heart.



Ken W. Stone
The Soul Archaeologist
Experience the Divine Within