Chapter 4: The Control Myth

Chapter 4: The Control Myth

Chapter 4 Spiritual Exercise

Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

From Chapter 4 of Resonance: The Path of Spiritual Mastery.

Set aside everything else that you’ve been focusing on, doing, or thinking about. Please don’t operate a motor vehicle or heavy equipment of any sort. Get into a comfortable position sitting or lying down and . . .

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I’m grateful we’re connected in this way. Thanks for reading.

In God’s Love and Presence


I like the book and how it affects me personally. One thing I recognize is that we initially process what we read in our minds. Your writing seems to affect me in a deeper way at a deeper level, maybe like a transmission.

Mark Rothman May 30, 2019

I am already being profoundly moved by what I have read of the book so far, but writing this, it is strange, I could not actually remember what in particular it was that I read, that I really found most illuminating. . . (looking back, it was when you were talking about As Above, So Below)

Reetta Raag May 30, 2019

What I love about this book is it doesn’t promise a quick way to fix everything, do this and here is the result. Instead it is like a living being which takes me by my hand guiding me further and deeper inside myself.

Sometimes by challenging me and my beliefs, sometimes by giving me feedback on what I know in my depth but was not aware of on a conscious level, sometimes by triggering up my emotions with a word or sentence, letting me know, here is something that is ready to be looked at, to be felt by me and then be transmuted.

Sometimes I just stare at the words or a sentence and they don’t make sense. I don’t I understand anything, but beneath I can feel there is a deep transmission occurring.

Anette Rutfjäll Sweden April 1, 2019

You Really Know God Never by Thinking, but by Experience or Resonance.

Father Thomas Keating - Trappist Monk, Priest, Author, and One of the Three Architects of Centering Prayer April 23, 2019

Ken is one of my secret resources. When I’m in session with Ken I have the deepest spiritual experiences. I remember once even saying to him “if this experience is repeatable — then you are the real deal” and he is the real deal. There are very small number people I’ve spent time with where I feel the presence of the spirit in this way.

Derek Rydall Spiritual Messenger, Speaker and Author | June 11, 2018

It’s rare that I experience such deep and ecstatic connection to the divine and the present moment so quickly as I did when I received my first session from Ken. Since then, I have felt much more aligned with the unlimited potential of my life, and things have been flowing to me with ease. Thanks so much Ken.

Rachael Jayne Groover Founder: The Yin Project; Author: Powerful AND Feminine | June 27, 2018