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Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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Be You — From My Heart




Ken W Stone

Who are you?

I know you’re an undistorted extension and expression of the Divine.

But who are you?


How does your personality show up in the world?

Do you try to modify who you are to fit in? To be accepted by others? To be successful?

Do you feel like you need a bit more (or perhaps less) refinement?


I believe that you have a message to share.

Could be with your child or your partner or neighbor. Could be with the world.

Sure, that message may seem similar – even exactly the same as someone else’s message.


However, the way you share your message – your unique approach and perspective – is where the resonance is.

Resonance is the good stuff that bubbles up from inside. That urge that’s been wanting to express itself through you for the last week, or month, or years. Or has it been building for decades?


I used to be an expert at resonance suppression.


There comes a point (no matter how skilled you are at suppressing the inner urge to express your unique gifts) when the volcano will blow.

For me it happened in the transition between traditional mortgage lender and trying to find more significant ways to engage with my clients around tax and financial strategies for wealth creation.

The volcano blew when I started honoring that inner voice that was asking for peace and calm, even as the noise in my life and my head kept growing in volume.


The outward experience of destruction that accompanied that explosion seemed devastating to me at the time: bankruptcy, foreclosure, and letting go of all the outward signs of success I had accumulated to that point in my life.

Meanwhile I was turning inward and discovering a deeper resonance than I had ever known.


Sometimes (or is it usually, or always?) the darkest times in our lives, the times with the greatest challenges, bring us to a place of greater awareness, resonance, and peace.


Here’s the funny thing: After discovering my gift and exploring it with others for more than two years, what did I do?

I turned to someone else to define who I was and how my gift could work to support others as I launched my business online.


Thus began my journey to discovering my authentic inner voice.


How many spiritual teachers have a similar message? How many have the exact same mesage?

In truth, I don’t know.

I trust that the way my gift shows up in the world is unique.

The same is true for you – but you must be yourself for this truth to find the light of day.


I’m excited – deeply energized – by the opportunity to share such meaningful space and spiritual exploration with my clients – whether they are joining me for a f*ree online healing event, or I work with them in private session each week or once a month. Each aspect of my business (and my life) has become an exploration in resonance…

That is completely predicated on me being myself.


And who am I you may ask?

I’m still figuring out the answer to that question!

Each day – each week – I find and explore more deeply my authentic voice.

Some new awareness comes in – and I share it.

A contradiction shows up – I point it out.

My messes come out to be viewed by others – not just in my personal life – but in my public/professional life as well.
This is by design. Partly to ensure I don’t pretend to be perfect. And partly so you have the opportunity to reflect about your own life while learning about mine.


I was in session with a client earlier in the week who was lamenting the how strong the pull of the illusion of separation had been in her life recently.

I responded: “I wouldn’t know anything about that! For the last 48 hours, I’ve been playing big time in the dissonance!!”

We both had a good laugh!


I believe being authentic with your message is not about projecting an image of perfection. Instead it’s about being real and vulnerable. It’s about embodying your consciousness fully.

Only then can your people recognize you and respond to the resonance they feel because they hear your authentic message.


If I could describe with words how this feels and looks energetically (what happens when someone begins communicating and living their life from a place of resonance) I would say:

It’s like the sun breaking through on a foggy, cloudy day.
The sun has always been there – on the other side of the “noise” – but we haven’t been experiencing it.

The fog and clouds are all the ideas we have about who we think we should be or what we should think or say to fit in – be loved – or attract the right clients – or have the life we have always wished was possible.

We think we need to change and transform to become something other than who we are at our essence.

In truth, who we are is so brilliant that if we even begin to get out of the way, the rest of the noise will clear of its own accord.

Have you ever seen the first rays of sunlight after a foggy rainstorm?

At first they are faint – but quickly they grow.

Until all that can be seen is the brilliance of the light against the backdrop of a clear blue sky.


Forget what it might take to be brilliant. Just let your light shine of its own accord. Don’t try to modulate your message or your methods to make others more comfortable or to impress.

Be You.

You are enough, exactly the way you are. Right now.

That’s it for this week … From My Heart.


Ken Stone
The Soul Archaeologist
Experience the Divine Within