Are You Ready? From My Heart #18

Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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Are You Ready? From My Heart #18




Ken W Stone

Everything you seek, is available inside you right now.  No one else can give you what you seek.  Only you can give it to yourself.  And to get what you seek, to find it inside of you, requires nothing.

At the base inner level: unconditional love, connection, safety, peace, and joy.  At the outer level: a fulfilling, abundant, love filled, meaningful and significant life.   The outer flows from the inner.  You have the inner within you right now – even if you’ve never experienced it before.  Knowing this is not enough to affect the transformation – the change in perspective – you must also experience it viscerally.  When you do and you continue to practice experiencing yourself in this way, you will ultimately have the experience of being this way all of the time.  What before was fleeting and rare, will become your complete experience of your life.  And when this “new” experience of yourself fades momentarily, that will be the exception, rather than the rule.

When you transform your inner level and truly experience all that you seek outside, within – the inner will flow to the outer, and all parts of your life will be in alignment.  There’s only so much to say about this process.  You already know all of this.  What is missing is your experience of it, not your knowledge of it.  You are already awake with your knowing.  Now it’s time awake fully with  experience.  Let’s begin immediately, for there is no time to waste.  You need not continue to suffer.  Have you learned the lesson?  Are you ready to surrender?

In my own life, I know that the moments of pronounced and continuous pain have lead to surrender – they push me to a point that is beyond my capacity to control.  And only then do I surrender.  These moments of pain have given me tremendous perspective, for they have been the catalyst for my own transformation.

Are you ready to transform?  Is the pain and suffering so great that you are ready to give up the illusion that you are in charge, that you can control your life and move it to a good experience, physically, emotionally, spiritually by your own force of will? If you are, and you’d like some guidance through this process, I invite you to connect with me.

If you are not, I understand.  There is no rushing that moment.  No one could have pushed me towards these moments in my own life.  Others tried and failed.  I had to drive myself there of my own process, my own journey.  The pain and suffering had to be greater than I was willing to deal with – not what someone else was willing for me to deal with.  And others seeing my glory, my greatness, that was not enough for me to throw in the towel and surrender.  I had to get there on my own, in my own time.  When I was ready, the door was there for me to step through.  Just as it will be when you are ready.

We are all on our own journey.  Yours is beautiful in its perfection.  Just as mine has been beautiful in its painful, overwhelming, and frustrating perfection.  And when I was ready, there was a door for me to step through.  As I have and continue to, so can you.

Are you ready?

It is not a one-time choice, something you “do” once and you’re done.  Surrender happens over and over and over again.  Once you let go and dive into the unknown, you have the opportunity to continue to make that choice over and over again.  If you choose to not surrender, you may experience – as I have many times – that the lessons, the challenges, the pain and suffering return to remind you once again of the alternative to surrender.  Surrender over and over and over again, and forever more, surrender.  And you will be in flow internally and externally.  Or try to regain the illusion of control, and go on the roller coaster ride of pain and suffering once again until you remember to surrender.

Are you ready?

If you are, and you’d like my help, I am here for you.  Connect with me by email and we will make a plan to talk live.  And I will help you discover and experience the place within where all you seek is fully present and available to you.  And you will understand how to access this place for yourself.  All that you seek is inside of you right now.

I honor your path, your journey, and your beauty.

With Love and Peace,


Ken Stone, Spiritual Facilitator