An Emerging Vision

Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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An Emerging Vision




Ken W Stone

How does God’s call in your life reveal itself to you?

Do you receive a vision? Do you feel pulled towards certain actions? Does it come as a movie or an image of what is to come, or what you’re to do next? Do deposits of knowledge come in without any foreknowledge or action on your part?

How do you respond to the call?


God’s call in my life sometimes reveals itself in ways that are difficult to understand and connect to present circumstances or the facts as I understand them right now, and in ways that are inspiring and so clear that I wonder why everyone can’t see and hear what I see and hear.

While I’ve been able to largely respond to God’s call and stumble forward into the mystery with each step, I have tended to let my separate self’s demands that it all “make sense” rationally inform how and where I step forward. 

As a result, until a couple of years ago, my life was largely an experience of regular pendulations between the call and the mystery and trying to make it all fit how I thought it should fit together. Intuitive guidance ironed out by the limiting context of what made sense, or how it should all be. Which ultimately resulted in a life experience largely punctuated by responding to urgencies and reacting, rather than allowing the fundamentally proactive nature of divine guidance to run wild and establish its own context for living and being and every aspect of my life.

As a result, my experience of Divine Guidance was a little bit like looking through a largely obscured window, with brief pinhole sized flashes of the grand vision, but no way to understand how each aspect of the vision related to the others, until enough of the vision was allowed to come into reality through my surrender, and each piece eventually made sense in the context of the others—with the bigger picture revealed through experience or reflection on what has come before, rather than intuitively.

In the meantime, copious nuggets of insight, inspiration, and knowledge have been sprinkled throughout the landscape of my divine adventures, with the linkage between or the role of each, yet to be revealed.

All the while, the old habits of rational thought, linear thinking, and conventional causality offering themselves in service to the larger mission. A well-meaning but confused motivation on the part of my separate self, for everything is within divine purview.

And then 2018 happened, and the clear guidance that it was time to stop everything and focus on finishing the book. Nothing ambiguous about that guidance, and despite my separate self’s rallying cry to do the opposite (this guidance must be clearly wrong it argued—for how can the mechanics of life proceed if I focus solely on writing?!) I followed the guidance and stepped all the way into to Mystery, in the process surrendering the rational framework which had informed my decision making to that point in my life. Without realizing it at the time, I was beginning to shift from reactive, to proactive. The fundamental motivation in my life was changing.

Over the Christmas holiday last year, guidance steered my publishing efforts away from self-publishing to traditional, and with that I was launched on a new journey of integration and embodiment which has taken me through this entire year. 

Along the way, many of the nuggets that have been deposited over the last twelve years have revealed their role in the divine plan, coming forward to take their place and to be expressed.

Now, I find myself on the precipice of the December solstice looking into the New Year with a simple set of directives, the path clearly laid out in front of me. I have no idea what bit of guidance will come next, and there’s no assurance that the path I see so clearly now doesn’t get rewritten or changed radically.

Yet two themes are clear to me, which don’t seem likely to change: 

1) Everything is about service. This isn’t really new on any level, but my perspective is very different now. The rational response to being called to service in the past was to try to figure out how to string to together a business strategy that supported the directive to serve. Now I’ve come to experience that God is giving me everything exactly as I need, and each aspect of service builds on itself, in ways that couldn’t have been known and weren’t at all clear ahead of time. 

For example, rationally speaking, I knew I needed to get my YouTube channel going years ago, and more urgently in the spring of this year to support what was to come. But every time I tried to set aside time to work on it, I got a clear “no!” In recent weeks it’s become clear that I’ll be answering spiritual questions that are emailed in response to my communications with our community. I think I’ll be releasing them on my YouTube channel weekly going forward, perhaps starting as soon as the first of the year (you can find them here). The answer presented itself in the right time and sequence. I didn’t have to figure it out. There is a list of questions already in the queue, and I’m looking forward to answering them and sharing these videos with you. I’m also excited about the opportunity for dialogue that this opens up between us as a community. 

2) The new method of operation for my life and mission is entirely proactive. This is ultimately a huge relief, though the shift from reactive in terms of actual business function has been a little disorienting. I am now focused on implementing the vision as it’s been given to me. There’s effectively no external feedback about whether I’m on the right path, so I must rely on my inner knowing and trust the vision completely. 

This shift reminds me of the transition back in 2010 between doing group sessions in person and doing them online. In person, I could open my eyes, and see the room and everyone in it. I could hear how everyone was responding to what was unfolding. Participants came up to talk with me and reflect on their experience after each session concluded. I had lots of external feedback. When started doing group sessions online, I had none of that feedback. I had to rely entirely on my intuitive feedback and trust my inner sense of knowing completely. All prior references were gone. 

One tangible example of this proactive approach in service, has brought an idea I’ve had for the last ten or more years into reality. A website to answer the question What is Spiritual Healing? I’ve long wanted to put this site together, but every time I started working on it in the past, all my energy and momentum immediately disappeared.

Following guidance to proceed in August, I launched the site at the end of October which includes a series of videos answering the question (you can see it here). We’ll see what happens with this. As you may have experienced yourself, a new online project can take a while to develop its own momentum. There’s the “fast” way, which involves buying traffic so people can see and engage with it (and give immediate feedback by how they engage with the resources on the site), and then there’s the slow way, where the project gets to find the audience it’s meant for, if indeed one exists. God’s guidance has been clear for me: there is no place for reactive or impatient energy in my mission. My job is to trust the guidance I have received, take action to implement the vision, and then let God’s plan take over. It’s a new level of surrender and an entirely new way to be engaged with the mission as I understand it today.

It’s both wonderfully liberating and resonant, and disorienting all at the same time. An opportunity to honor the invitation to live life in accordance with what is really real, while integrating and embodying everything that is coming up for attention from my separate self, that I might bring home all these gifts of my whole self to enjoy and express them in each and every aspect of my life and mission.


As I’ve been reflecting on all of this in recent weeks, several things have come clear to me:

I want to support you in being an Embodied Messenger, if you feel so called.

My mission is ultimately about supporting others in discovering and sharing with others, their unique spiritual gifts. From my perspective, this process begins with uncovering, experiencing, and embodying the Divine within (Spiritual Mastery) and continues with discovering, exploring, and sharing one’s Divine Presence (Spiritual Messenger Mastery). When fully integrated and embodied, it results in being an Embodied Messenger (one who shares their unique spiritual gifts—the manner in which the Divine expresses through them—merely by their presence). We are all (all human beings) Embodied Messengers.

Whatever I can share of my journey that will support you in yours, I feel called to share. It started coming clear to me more than a year ago, and it is now completely so: The series of books that I am being called to write includes everything that I have been teaching and exploring through the Spiritual Mastery and Spiritual Messenger Mastery curricula. Eventually, the entirety of God’s message and the gifts expressed through me will be available through books. In service to the Embodied Messenger within.


What’s been coming up for you around your divine mission in the last couple of months? How are you being called forward?

What’s coming up for you in this space leading up to the solstice?

(By the way I’ve received a number of emails asking if I’ll be facilitating a solstice session on Saturday the 21st and the answer is no (divine guidance a year ago, ended this series). However, you can download and listen to last year’s solstice transmission here. This transmission is a powerful support for the work that is up for all of us to do right now).

I’d love to hear from you. Whatever is coming up to share, reflect on, or ask about. Just reply to this email and send it when you’re done sharing or reflecting or asking.

I’m grateful we’re connected in this way, honored by the opportunity to walk with you and share in this extraordinary journey and experience of uncovering and experiencing the Divine Mystery in all its expressions, together.

That’s all for now . . . From My Heart.

Further Into the Mystery—All the More Extraordinary With You!



PS –

Here’s the link to last year’s December solstice session:

Here’s the link to