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Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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Your Truth — From My Heart




Ken W Stone

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “speak your truth” before (or its many variants: live, embody, etc.).

But what does this really mean? What opportunity is in front of you right now in your life to speak your truth?


I am constantly reminding myself of the following awareness: My truth may only be mine. While it may not be shared by anyone else, I’m here to speak it, embody it and live it. So step up to the plate! I’ve shared the same with many clients, albeit in a more low key way, gently reminding them that the opportunity in each exchange is to honor your perspective and truth, even when it apparently contradicts what the other is wanting or believes – even when your truth disrupts.

Sometimes it’s easy to speak your truth, and sometimes it’s challenging. The challenging times can be the most interesting because they point towards an opportunity for growth and integration.

I remember when I first began being consciously aware of the role that the disembodied soul played in the experience of depression, anxiety, anger and rage, post-traumatic stress disorder, the side effects of chemotherapy, and many other serious challenges and conditions.

I began consciously focusing on supporting others in embodying their souls – then teaching them how to do it on their own – and eventually I began speaking this truth.

It still challenges me in a funny way. Sometimes I wonder if I sound like a broken record, or a salesperson who only knows how to sell one thing? You know the kind: have I got a deal for you – and whatever your problem is, THIS will fix it! LOL!!!

Guess what? Sometimes the truth is just that powerful. And when you’re given the awareness along with the gift to be able to facilitate and teach others how to address a wide-spread challenge that faces so many of us, it’s incumbent upon you to share / teach / and empower!

Yet to share this this, to embody this truth? This has been a HUGE journey of growth and integration for me. To be able to powerfully and simply speak it – to share it lovingly with others … knowing what the impact will be if only they take a moment to really comprehend what is being shared – and then take a moment to practice it for themselves … how would their lives be transformed? What peace and resonance will they experience if only they try this one simple thing?
What if the entire exercise of speaking my truth is simply that (an exercise)? What if it impacts no one and transforms no one’s life. Is it still important to speak it?

Last Wednesday I hosted my first monthly open line Q&A and Introductory Healing Session. We had people joining in from all around the world – it was amazing!! And the question that were being posed – extraordinary!!

A man on the phone who wondered what he could do to connect with his perfect partner and share his life with her. A man from the bay area who wrote in wondering about how to discover his calling. Another from New York who wondered why all his efforts to heal himself, with all the money and time he’s invested in so many different modalities, have never worked – wondering if I had an idea of why nothing has helped him and so many others. A woman from South Africa who wondered about her anxiety and panic attacks. Another from South Korea wondering about guidance around a major life transition. And so many other wonderful questions.

There’s a single point to begin to answer all of these. Embody your soul. Come home and in so doing, open yourself to the conduit through which you experience the Divine within your body.

This is my truth. And with hundreds perhaps even thousands of hours of case studies and experiences with this truth, I feel so confident in speaking, sharing, and embodying it. But there was a first time, when it wasn’t so easy and I wasn’t so confident.

And still – last Wednesday, I’m confident that what I said rubbed someone (maybe more than one) the wrong way.

Here’s another perspective: I would venture that many (perhaps all) who read this email would have something meaningful to add to the conversation in response to the questions that were posed to me last week. Many different perspectives – that’s one of the aspects of ALL being part of The ONE. Are you ready to speak your truth?

I speak my truth. It’s up to you to decide what to do with it. As don Miguel Ruiz says, my truth is true for me, you can agree with it or not. It’s up to you.

Either way: speak your truth. Then embody it, integrate it and live it.

My point in sharing this is not to impose “my truth” on you – any more than I was interested in imposing this on anyone last Wednesday. I’m simply giving you an example – and offering you a different way to look at something that may have an impact on your perspective – on how you see or experience things. And more importantly, I’m sharing with you something that when I first started sharing it seemed pretty radical – even contradictory – to me, and to others.

We are each parts of the whole. Each with a different perspective on the whole. Each with a different gift to contribute to the whole.

What truth are you leaving unspoken, un-integrated and un-lived?

Trust me when I tell you, you already have the credentials necessary for sharing your truth. They’re called BEING YOU! Whether you’re a well-known best selling author (or not) – or known by anyone other than your mother is completely irrelevant.

So: Are you up for an experiment this coming week? Will you speak your truth? Will you honor what comes into you and give it voice?

I’m looking forward to hearing about what comes up for you around this, and your experiences with speaking your truth.

One final note this week: Today I’m celebrating my 44th birthday. Seven years ago this month I learned how to meditate for the first time (I was working as a mortgage lender at the time). Seven years ago next month I first learned about my spiritual gifts and as a result, I set out upon a grand journey of exploring and surrendering and resonating and surrendering some more! As I reflect on this today, I am in profound wonder and awe at what has unfolded over these years, and all the extraordinary opportunities there are for me to explore and share and witness the presence of the Divine in others each day of my life. I want to thank you for including me in your life and giving me the opportunity to be connected with you in this way. It’s one of the great privileges of my life.

That’s it for this week … From My Heart.



Ken W. Stone
The Soul Archaeologist
Experience the Divine Within