Simplicity & Forgiveness (Love) — From My Heart

Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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Simplicity & Forgiveness (Love) — From My Heart




Ken W Stone

It’s been a while since I checked in with you and wrote to you from my heart. I’ve been listening (to God) and integrating, and listening and integrating and …

On this day, I am reminding myself of these facts:

Spiritual truths are simple.

… yet the mind wants to complicate.

Life is simple.

… yet the mind wants to complicate.

Right now there’s an entirely new level of simplicity coming into my awareness, my life and my mission. I’ve been wanting to write to you – to share it with you and to invite you to reflect on it however it may resonate in your life.

The funny thing is that when I try to write or communicate verbally with words about it, it comes out as complicated.

It’s an important sign for me that there’s more integration to come. More awareness I’m sure – but there’s plenty of awareness there … it’s the aspects of me that are still in separation that are making this complicated.

I’ll share more about what’s unfolding as the simplicity comes with the words.


In August I spent some time at the Monastery I’ve visited for the last couple of years. I was anticipating big transformation in a condensed package. Last year on retreat, I went through several big days of surrender, and had huge breakthroughs in my relationship with my parents that led to writing letters of apology and taking responsibility for my behavior and my role in my relationship with my mom and my dad.

I thought I’d have something like that this year. And I did – in fact it was bigger. The only issue: it’s still happening. I prefer my transformation to be wrapped up with a bow and done quickly – even if it’s painful. It’s been a not-so-subtle reminder to me of the true nature of surrender.

In a word, this year’s theme was forgiveness. And the more I look into the energy of forgiveness, the more I find love. So maybe it’s two words that mean the same thing: Forgiveness and Love.

Perhaps at some point I’ll share about the evolution of my awareness and the journey I took over those four days at the monastery at some point. For now, let’s keep it simple:

I saw 4 stages of forgiveness:

Phase 1: In stage one consciousness forgiveness is transactional. Someone has done something to me (stage one is victim) and I need them to apologize to me for hurting me.

Phase 2: In stage two consciousness forgiveness is transactional – but now it’s about control. I apologize to others to ensure that I have clean energy – so I can attract the things that I want or desire.

There are two final phases of forgiveness – both of which happen in stage 3 consciousness:

Phase 3 – I forgive (really it’s about love – forgiveness at this level seems to be the first step towards love. Forgiveness removes the barrier – love draws the other closer that we may be in union) everyone in my life – everyone I’ve ever had contact with or interacted with on any level. I do this because I’ve begun to realize that the degree to which I hold people I’ve interacted with in my life in separation, is the degree to which I’m holding God in separation.

The invitation in this phase of love, is to love everyone I’ve ever had (or have) contact or interaction with in the same way I love God. The simple fact is that they are all undistorted expressions of God.

Phase 4 – I love (in some cases I may still need to begin with forgiveness) everyone who is alive – or who has ever lived – in the same way that I love God. Again, the degree to which I’m holding others in separation is the degree I’m holding God in separation. And the simple truth holds: everyone who is (or who has ever been) is an undistorted expression of God.

This is my inner work right now. It’s funny to me now that I thought I could do these two final phases over a long weekend. Perhaps I could have – I know I’m capable of it (we all are – for this is our true nature).

But it hasn’t happened yet. Instead, I’m still working through the people in my life – those I’ve known and interacted with … discovering the love underneath the hurt and the pain of separation.

Eventually I’m sure I’ll begin exploring this love – and then I’ll begin to embody the love.

You’ve been on my mind. I’ve been meaning to write … to share just a bit from the depth of my soul … from the depth of my heart.

The simple truth for me right now is that it’s a journey of love.

Now that the words are flowing again, I’ll be in touch again very soon – perhaps even next week – with another From My Heart.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you. What new awareness have you been coming to? Where has your journey been taking you over the last couple of months?

I’m grateful we’re connected in this way. Thank you for including me in your life.


Ken W. Stone
The Soul Archaeologist
Experience the Divine Within