From My Heart #4

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Internationally Recognized Spiritual Teacher and Healer, and Creator of the Transformational Beneath the Sand Program

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From My Heart #4




Ken W Stone

Originally emailed on 4.15.2011 Do you have any areas of your life where you’d really like to have traction – but it’s just not happening? Earlier this week I launched a new website: This website is focused on communicating with people who are recovering from a trauma, and introducing them to my work, and how I’ve been able to help so many other people around the world who are working on putting their lives back together after trauma. BTW: if you’re in this situation, or someone you love is recovering from trauma, please visit this site. It contains some really powerful information and resources to facilitate the recovery process. I wrote an e-book about recovering from PTSD for this site that I’m giving away. I started the book thinking it would be an easy quick thing. It turned out to be a significant project. I’m proud of how it turned out – and I’ve been getting great feedback. AND it it was really hard to put to words a process that is very natural and not directed with words. There were a number of times during the writing process when I felt like I just wasn’t able to break through with what I wanted to be saying. I felt like I wasn’t getting any traction. It was really frustrating and overwhelming. At times I thought that although I was very passionate about the project and writing this book, that it just wasn’t going to happen – or that the result wouldn’t measure up to what I expect from myself. What’s amazing is that I was able to use the process that I wrote about – the same process I facilitate for others – to help myself through the process of writing. Of going from no traction – to getting significant traction in a matter of 30-minutes. Is there an area of your life right now where you’re not getting traction? Where if you could just crack through you’d have momentum and everything would be SO much better? UPDATE: If so – check out the Beneath the Sand Self Study Course. I’d love to hear from you. Please tell me about it. I might be able to help you learn how to get traction in the one or two areas of your life where you’re not getting traction right now. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do something on your own to get traction? I’m so grateful to be connected with you in this way. Peace, Ken PS – email me and tell me what’s on your mind. It’s not a rhetorical request. I really want to hear from you. And who knows, you might just get the help you need to the traction you want in your life. Probably worth the effort of an email, don’t you think? PPS – I got a number of emails after last week’s “From My Heart” email asking if it was really me behind the email. it is. Drop me an email (or comment below) and see what happens.