Foundations of Spiritual Mastery I

Foundations of Spiritual Mastery I

Deeper Resonance in Your Life Right Now

Contrary to what most people believe to be true…you already have within you all that you need to experience Spiritual Mastery – the connection, peace, and joy that the most advanced yogis and spiritual practitioners experience every day. You just haven’t been able to access these parts of yourself …until now.

With Foundations of Spiritual Mastery I, you’ll learn the techniques and insights that have helped thousands of people end their physical, emotional, and spiritual pain, break through the barriers to Spiritual Mastery, and directly access their inner Divine.

The Foundations of Spiritual Mastery Are Divided into Two Categories:

3 Universal Barriers

These barriers are keeping you stuck. Clear these barriers, and you’ve done the work necessary to prepare for greater resonance.

Three Steps to Greater Resonance

Master these steps and you will fully transcend and embody your true Divine nature in every aspect of your being and your life.

Understanding the 3 barriers and implementing the three steps to greater resonance is easy: You can do it! Whether you’re an advanced meditator, a beginner, or you’ve never meditated before, you have everything within you already to successfully learn and implement these practices. It’s as simple as watching a series of videos, and listening to some MP3s. Taking the time to watch and listen is what will help you get to where you want to be…both inside your heart and in every aspect of your life.

With these teachings and practices, you’ll learn the techniques and insights that have helped thousands of people end their physical, emotional, and spiritual pain, break through the barriers that have held them back, and directly access their inner Divine.

3 Universal Barriers Are Holding You Back

Have you ever wondered why a friend can have such a deep spiritual experience with a meditation recording, but when you listen to the same recording, you feel nothing – and nothing changes? Or why two people with the same disease have radically different responses to the same course of treatment? Or why you’ve felt disconnected from the most essential elements of yourself for much of your life?

The first barrier to Spiritual Mastery is the reason: The Disembodied Soul.

Think of a loved one in advanced stage cancer. Remember the look in their eyes? Like they’re not home anymore? This is one of the more advanced signs of someone with a disembodied soul.

There are many other signs of a disembodied soul including anxiety, anger, fear, and depression. The challenge in understanding the disembodied soul is to realize that this is a strategy for survival that the soul employs. Yet there comes a point when this strategy for survival becomes a barrier to going deeper and reconnecting to the most essential aspects of yourself.

Foundations of Spiritual Mastery I includes three teachings and three practices, each dedicated to one of the 3 universal barriers that are holding you back and keeping you stuck.

The 3 Universal Barriers to Spiritual Mastery Are:

  1. The Disembodied Soul
  2. Giving Away Your Power
  3. The Illusion of Separation

Each of the three barriers is addressed in a video teaching followed by a meditation MP3 that will support you in breaking free.

The first teaching is focused on the disembodied soul and is followed by a meditation practice that will help you bring your soul back into your body. This life changing technique alone has transformed the lives of people around the world who are challenged by a physical, emotional, or spiritual situation that has felt out of control and beyond hope.

The changes in my life since I started this program are amazing. The word amazing somehow doesn’t cut it. This morning, a few days after I listened to the recording I had a massive release take place. I am in awe of this process. I understand now why staying in the body is so important to release all the human challenges that we have stored away in us, either physically, emotionally and or spiritually.

Jessica Sereeno Rhode Island June 11, 2018

Three Steps to Greater Resonance

Once you’ve broken through the three universal barriers to Spiritual Mastery you’re ready to learn the practices of Mastery. Traditionally, the practices of Spiritual Mastery have been viewed as available only to those who commit their entire lives to their understanding and implementation. Spiritual Teacher and Healer Ken W Stone has distilled the journey to Mastery into three simple, potent, and profound practices that make the experience of Mastery (which many have referred to as enlightenment or full integration) accessible to anyone who is willing to set aside what they think they know, and open up to a deeper experience of their true, Divine nature. Including you.

Whatever your current challenges or life situation, you have a space inside you where you can transcend your current perspective to fully experience the Divine in every area of your life. Everyone does.

Ken W. Stone

Ken – Known as “the Soul Archaeologist” – Has Outlined the Three Steps to Spiritual Mastery:

  1. Excavate Your Soul (a visceral experience of your wholeness)
  2. Throw Out the Map (surrender)
  3. Keep Digging (practice)

We are not lacking in knowledge. It is in the actual experience of our knowledge where the most significant gap lies on the spiritual journey.


This course delivers both the knowledge and the experience of all three critical steps to greater resonance and Spiritual Mastery

Ken has one of the most beautiful and gentle souls I’ve ever known. He is like a master tuner of fine instruments with ability to energetically touch the physical, spiritual, and energetic bodies and re-tune them to the Divine perfection that they are meant to naturally be.

Rachael Jayne Groover Founder: The Yin Project; Author: Powerful AND Feminine June 27, 2018

With Foundations of Spiritual Mastery I, you will experience a series of practices – experiences – of each of the steps of Spiritual Mastery. You will learn about what it means to excavate your soul and have a visceral experience of your wholeness. And then you’ll be led through a series of Divine Transmissions with Ken where you’ll prepare for and for the first time in a deeper way, experience your physical, emotional, and spiritual wholeness in a way you’ve always longed for, but perhaps never been able to predictably.

I have found the deepest part of me; the most beautiful part – the part I kept looking for out there. Through Ken Stone’s self study recordings, I have “relocated” that which I seek; the alignment and connection I knew in my heart I could have each and every day, no matter what was happening around me.

Rose Englund Westminster, Maryland June 27, 2018

This course is designed to be a comprehensive resource for you no matter what challenges you’re facing, or in what ways you’re looking to refine the experience of Divine resonance in your life.

Your greatest source of power is within you. It doesn’t matter what has come before in your life, what you have done to others, or what has been done to you. Without reservation or qualification, your Divine power is available to you, right now.


Ken’s intention with these materials is that you have everything you need not only now – but for the months and years and decades to come as you remember and experience your true nature in all aspects of your body and mind and soul – as well in all areas of the outward expression of your life (in relationship, calling or career, with money, etc.).

I LOVE these practices! I’ve always been critical of my body and focusing on what’s wrong with it instead of what’s right. But by the end of this course I was holding my body (energetically) with the same kind of love and affection that you feel when you’re holding a small baby. It felt so peaceful. And ever since then, my criticizing of my body has stopped. Another lifetime (or longer) problem wiped out by Foundations of Spiritual Mastery! The problems just keep falling away, one after the other.

Kathryn Griffith Texas June 11, 2018

The most powerful place of your Divine connection lies within you. With this course, you will learn about this most essential connection – and then (no matter how elusive these may have been throughout your life) you will have experiences of what you have learned. You will experience the Divine within your body. You will find that you are as powerful a Divine instrument as anyone, and you will uncover your inner healing power and begin exploring it in every aspect of your being and your life.

I guess I will never understand what made me link from an unexpected email to a video in which I spent 38 minutes lost—yes, lost—transported, entranced, falling in love with a simple breath process, which has little to do with breathing. Still, here I am over two years later continually captivated by the unpretentious, comfortable, and yet fantastically inspiring work of Ken Stone. Indeed, here I am waiting impatiently to find out what will show up next—not from him—from me as a result of doing this work.

Jess Sanders Colorado June 27, 2018

Here’s What’s Included:

Foundations of Spiritual Mastery I

In these Six Comprehensive Video Trainings delivered as a month-long online course, Ken will help you identify and break through the three barriers to Spiritual Mastery – then teach you three steps you can take right now to become the master of your own spiritual journey… no matter what challenge you may be facing in your life.

Foundations of Spiritual Mastery I – The Practices

In each of these 6 MP3 audios Ken shares a powerful practice to support you in integrating the lessons of the video home study course. The first three practices focus on breaking through the three barriers to spiritual mastery. These practices will move you beyond the blocks that have stopped you from experiencing greater joy and peace in every area of your life. The second three practices focus on beginning to experience the three steps to Spiritual Mastery. Begin to experience greater resonance in your body, mind, and spirit each day as you move from a life focused on removing discomfort to a life focused on abundance, bliss, and grace.

Beneath the Sand Self Study Program

Open the door to experiencing your inner wholeness with this transformational online self study program delivered over three weeks in more than 14 hours of audio trainings, divine transmissions, and Q&A sessions (via 13 MP3s) plus two bonus training videos. Transcend merely knowing spiritual truths to begin actually experiencing them as you deeply connect with and viscerally experience the Divine within.

12 Group Healing Sessions

Once you’ve completed the Foundations to Spiritual Mastery I course, listen in each Tuesday at 8p EST (US) for 12 weeks as Ken facilitates a Divine Transmission & Group Healing Session (webcast for worldwide participation) through The Sanctuary. Release your blocks, get centered and re-tuned to the physical, emotional and spiritual perfection that is who you really are. Includes MP3 downloads of each session.

A Journey Into Healing (DVD Mailed to You)

In this talk, internationally recognized spiritual teacher and healer Ken W Stone shares his story for the first time. Learn how Ken first found out about his healing gift, his life leading up to the discovery of his gifts, and his early experiences with sharing his gifts.

Ken Also Shares Four Important Themes:

  1. You are not alone
  2. We are all the same
  3. Divine/God is inside you
  4. Experience of the Divine within

Listen, remember and experience who you really are.

Total Retail Value: $1,575.00

30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

This self study course is guaranteed to be the most powerful and transformative spiritual self study resource that you’ve ever experienced or your money back. You’ll have a full 30 days to complete the Foundations of Spiritual Mastery I online course with full download privileges for all MP3s in this course. You’ll also receive your DVD’s via mail (world-wide delivery).

If you’re not completely satisfied with your experience of this course, simply say so within 30 days of enrolling, return the DVD’s, and you’ll receive a complete refund of your tuition with no hassle and no worries.



Reflections on Group Healing Sessions (The Sanctuary):

After the session was over I realized that the depression, a depression deep in my core that I had been trying to “solve” for years with no success, was gone. Years of studying countless stacks of books, and meditating, and brainwave entraining, and working with spiritual teachers and counselors, and trying all sorts of things that other people said had helped them, but none of which helped me. None of which had budged the depression. In fact, doing all that just made the depression worse. Then one group session with Ken and the depression was suddenly, inexplicably, amazingly gone.

June 27, 2018

There are no words … I wanted to thank you for tonight’s group session, but I can’t find the words to express what I want to say. I have never been able to go so deep into the truth of myself as I did during this session. And, the best part is, as I continue to practice I’m just going to continue going deeper and deeper (you said this better during the session, but right now I don’t remember the words you used). The gift you give us is so precious, there just aren’t any words that can express my thanks and the blessing that you are to the Sanctuary group and to everyone. What a joy it is to have stumbled into your world.

June 27, 2018

The energy of Money group session has powered up my day. I received money I have been owed for over a year. Sold 4 books. Got more work. Paid off last year’s tax and got all my bills all organized for the next 3 months. I feel solid around money today like I haven’t before. Ideas flowing and growing to make more money and pleased to be blessed with my abundant wealthy life. Will listen again tonight and see what miracles tomorrow brings.

June 27, 2018

I listened to the Tuesday call this morning. I am aglow right now in big feelings of loving and being loved. What a gift to have listened to your recording on the morning of my wedding. Thank you so very much. It feels as though alot of releasing happens during the sessions. I am very aware of my body as though it is being breathed. As though the breath enters through the surface of my skin. On the in breath, it feels like the cells of my body float upward and then on the out breath downward. My hands tingle and my left foot has mild tingling.

June 27, 2018

Gratitude Ken, for facilitating our session last evening. It was, in a word, magnificent. Your open heart is a gift to all those whose lives you touch. So much synchronicity with your guidance and what has been coming to me intuitively over the past while … the practices I have been doing on my own of breathing and moving through my root chakra. I watched as my body knew just what to do. Sooo amazing to experience it together. I love how we areall connected and were at such a deep level last evening. Your feedback was always so tuned in to where I was at in the experience which my mind enjoyed 🙂 It’s interesting … almost as soon as you mentioned abundance, I seemed to disappear for that entire piece. It didn’t feel like I fell asleep and then woke up. It was like you spoke the word abundance and the next thing I heard was your reference at the end to remember the softness of the rain and the overflowing vessels and I couldn’t figure out what you were talking about. It was as if your first words merged into your last … I trust it was just perfect for me … simply interesting. Perhaps it was so that I would listen to the replay to experience it all again! I look forward to doing so….

June 27, 2018

I think the better word for what Ken does, is “bless.” I have had some wonderful healing work done on me by some very powerful healers and Ken is, bar none, THE most powerful healing force I have ever encountered. Truly, truly amazing and miraculous! Whoa!

June 27, 2018



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