Foundations of Spiritual Mastery I

Deeper Resonance in Your Life Right Now

8 videos, 19 MP3s over four weeks, Followed by 12 Weeks of LIVE Group Transmissions. Classes are available via a secure website with immediate access once you enroll.

Contrary to what most people believe to be true… you already have within you all that you need to experience Spiritual Mastery — the connection, peace, and joy that the most advanced yogis and spiritual practitioners experience every day. You just haven’t been able to access these parts of yourself …until now.

With Foundations of Spiritual Mastery I, you will experience a series of practices — experiences — of each of the steps of Spiritual Mastery. You will learn about what it means to excavate your soul and have a visceral experience of your wholeness. And then you’ll be led through a series of Divine Transmissions with Ken where you’ll prepare for and for the first time in a deeper way, experience your physical, emotional, and spiritual wholeness in a way you’ve always longed for, but perhaps never been able to predictably.

The Foundations of Spiritual Mastery Are Divided into Two Categories:

3 Universal Barriers

These barriers are keeping you stuck. Clear these barriers, and you’ve done the work necessary to prepare for greater resonance.

Three Steps to Greater Resonance

Master these steps and you will fully transcend and embody your true Divine nature in every aspect of your being and your life.

Understanding the 3 barriers and implementing the three steps to greater resonance is easy: You can do it! Whether you’re an advanced meditator, a beginner, or you’ve never meditated before, you have everything within you already to successfully learn and implement these practices. It’s as simple as watching a series of videos, and listening to some MP3s. Taking the time to watch and listen is what will help you get to where you want to be… both inside your heart and in every aspect of your life.

With these teachings and practices, you’ll learn the techniques and insights that have helped thousands of people end their physical, emotional, and spiritual pain, break through the barriers that have held them back, and directly access their inner Divine.

3 Universal Barriers Are Holding You Back

Have you ever wondered why a friend can have such a deep spiritual experience with a meditation recording, but when you listen to the same recording, you feel nothing – and nothing changes? Or why two people with the same disease have radically different responses to the same course of treatment? Or why you’ve felt disconnected from the most essential elements of yourself for much of your life?

The first barrier to Spiritual Mastery is the reason: The Disembodied Soul.

Think of a loved-one in advanced stage cancer. Remember the look in their eyes? Like they’re not home anymore? This is one of the more advanced signs of someone with a disembodied soul.

There are many other signs of a disembodied soul including anxiety, anger, fear, and depression. The challenge in understanding the disembodied soul is to realize that this is a strategy for survival that the soul employs. Yet there comes a point when this strategy for survival becomes a barrier to going deeper and reconnecting to the most essential aspects of yourself.

Foundations of Spiritual Mastery I includes three teachings and three practices, each dedicated to one of the 3 universal barriers that are holding you back and keeping you stuck.

The 3 Universal Barriers to Spiritual Mastery Are:

  1. The Disembodied Soul
  2. Giving Away Your Power
  3. The Illusion of Separation

Each of the three barriers is addressed in a video teaching followed by a meditation MP3 that will support you in breaking free.

The changes in my life since I started this program are amazing. The word amazing somehow doesn’t cut it. This morning, a few days after I listened to the recording I had a massive release take place. I am in awe of this process. I understand now why staying in the body is so important to release all the human challenges that we have stored away in us, either physically, emotionally and or spiritually.

Jessica Sereeno Rhode Island June 11, 2018

Three Steps to Greater Resonance

Once you’ve broken through the three universal barriers to Spiritual Mastery you’re ready to learn the practices of Mastery. Traditionally, the practices of Spiritual Mastery have been viewed as available only to those who commit their entire lives to their understanding and implementation. Spiritual Teacher and Healer Ken W Stone has distilled the journey to Mastery into three simple, potent, and profound practices that make the experience of Mastery (which many have referred to as enlightenment or full integration) accessible to anyone who is willing to set aside what they think they know, and open up to a deeper experience of their true, Divine nature. Including you.

Ken – Known as “the Soul Archaeologist” – Has Outlined the Three Steps to Spiritual Mastery:

  1. Excavate Your Soul (a visceral experience of your wholeness)
  2. Throw Out the Map (surrender)
  3. Keep Digging (practice)

We are not lacking in knowledge. It is in the actual experience of our knowledge where the most significant gap lies on the spiritual journey.


This course delivers both the knowledge and the experience of all three critical steps to greater resonance and Spiritual Mastery.

Ken’s intention with these materials is that you have everything you need not only now – but for the months and years and decades to come as you remember and experience your true nature in all aspects of your body and mind and soul – as well in all areas of the outward expression of your life (in relationship, calling or career, with money, etc.).

The most powerful place of your Divine connection lies within you. With this course, you will learn about this most essential connection – and then (no matter how elusive these may have been throughout your life) you will have experiences of what you have learned. You will experience the Divine within your body. You will find that you are as powerful a Divine instrument as anyone, and you will uncover your inner healing power and begin exploring it in every aspect of your being and your life.

This Course Is Designed to Be a Comprehensive Resource for You No Matter What Challenges You’re Facing, or in What Ways You’re Looking to Refine the Experience of Divine Resonance in Your Life

Here’s What’s Included:

Foundations of Spiritual Mastery I

In these Six Comprehensive Video Trainings delivered as a month-long online course, Ken will help you identify and break through the three barriers to Spiritual Mastery – then teach you three steps you can take right now to become the master of your own spiritual journey… no matter what challenge you may be facing in your life.

Foundations of Spiritual Mastery I — The Practices

In each of these 6 MP3 audios Ken shares a powerful practice to support you in integrating the lessons of the video home study course. The first three practices focus on breaking through the three barriers to spiritual mastery. These practices will move you beyond the blocks that have stopped you from experiencing greater joy and peace in every area of your life. The second three practices focus on beginning to experience the three steps to Spiritual Mastery. Begin to experience greater resonance in your body, mind, and spirit each day as you move from a life focused on removing discomfort to a life focused on abundance, bliss, and grace.

Beneath the Sand Self-Study Program

Open the door to experiencing your inner wholeness with this transformational online self study program delivered over three weeks in more than 14 hours of audio trainings, divine transmissions, and Q&A sessions (via 13 MP3s) plus two bonus training videos. Transcend merely knowing spiritual truths to begin actually experiencing them as you deeply connect with and viscerally experience the Divine within.

12 Group Healing Sessions

Once you’ve completed the Foundations to Spiritual Mastery I (FSMI) course, join other FSMI graduates each Tuesday at 3p EDT (US) for 12 weeks as Ken facilitates a LIVE Divine Transmission & Group Session (webcast for worldwide participation). Be supported in further embodying and integrating who you really are – that you may experience and be in complete Resonance so you can live the ancient wisdom: As Above, So Below.

A Journey into Healing and A Divine Transmission (DVDs Mailed to You)

In A Journey into Healing, internationally recognized spiritual teacher and healer Ken W Stone shares his story for the first time. Learn how Ken first found out about his healing gift, his life leading up to the discovery of his gifts, and his early experiences with sharing his gifts.

In A Divine Transmission, Ken answers questions and facilitates a Divine Transmission — a group healing session. Connect to your inner wholeness as Ken witnesses you as you truly are: an undistorted expression and extension of the Divine.

These physical DVDs ship to your location and are available to stream immediately upon beginning the Foundations of Spiritual Mastery I Program.

Foundations of Spiritual Mastery I

Value: $1575


Reflections About Ken’s Work

Ken is one of my secret resources. When I’m in session with Ken I have the deepest spiritual experiences. I remember once even saying to him “if this experience is repeatable — then you are the real deal” and he is the real deal. There are very small number people I’ve spent time with where I feel the presence of the spirit in this way.

Derek Rydall Spiritual Messenger, Speaker and Author | June 11, 2018

It’s rare that I experience such deep and ecstatic connection to the divine and the present moment so quickly as I did when I received my first session from Ken. Since then, I have felt much more aligned with the unlimited potential of my life, and things have been flowing to me with ease. Thanks so much Ken.

Rachael Jayne Groover Founder: The Yin Project; Author: Powerful AND Feminine | June 27, 2018

Everything about my life has changed. EVERYTHING!! How I will conduct business, how I’ll lead a workshop, how I can be in public. All the pieces of the puzzles that I’ve been working on for years came together during my session with Ken.

Jan Stringer Spiritual Messenger, Speaker and Author | June 11, 2018

I LOVE these practices! I’ve always been critical of my body and focusing on what’s wrong with it instead of what’s right. But by the end of this course I was holding my body (energetically) with the same kind of love and affection that you feel when you’re holding a small baby. It felt so peaceful. And ever since then, my criticizing of my body has stopped. Another lifetime (or longer) problem wiped out by Foundations of Spiritual Mastery! The problems just keep falling away, one after the other.

Kathryn Griffith Texas June 11, 2018

Before I started Ken Stone’s Foundations of Spiritual Mastery I, I had tried many other forms of Energy healing, both on myself and others. After doing the Beneath The Sand, several things happened and they all happened quite suddenly. I managed to utter, with great resistance, “I need help”. When I did that, I felt the healing vibrations enter my first and second chakras. The next day, I woke up, and it was very easy for me to do things that I kept putting off. Although some of my physical things still exist, I feel deep down the healing energy working its way through my chakras and know that eventually, most, if not all, will clear up. This is by far, the best program of its type, and I have tried most of them, ranging from free to severalthousand dollars.

Eileen Machida DC June 27, 2018

I LOVE THIS COURSE!! It is profound!! After listening to the first session three times, I feel so much better on all levels. I’ve been in a profoundly hard place – physically and emotionally for a while. The depression has completely lifted and not returned. I’m in a state of peace mentally and I’m sleeping better. I can breathe through my nose for the first time in decades. PLUS, I had a major breakthrough in my book. To discover the source of my power, and experience my innate wholeness with this self study course has been such a blessing!

Debora Seidman Taos, New Mexico June 27, 2018

The changes in my life since I started this program are amazing. The word amazing somehow doesn’t cut it. This morning, a few days after I listened to the recording I had a massive release take place. I am in awe of this process. I understand now why staying in the body is so important to release all the human challenges that we have stored away in us, either physically, emotionally and or spiritually.

Jessica Sereeno Rhode Island June 11, 2018

Ken’s work has truly saved my life lately — literally, I believe. So I am very appreciative of this gift and for all that you give to the healing community.

Kathryn D. December 12, 2018

Ken; You have so much incredible grace affecting the world the way you are currently doing! I listened again yesterday to some of the recordings and felt more at peace than I ever have while walking. I am opening up to the smiles I heard on the replay, FEELING deserving, which is foreign to me. I knew that when I found “my way” it would be awe inspiring but not to this magnitude!

Pam F. June 11, 2018

I wanted to reach out and thank Ken for those powerful calls, and for a previous call and your generosity of his time, talent and gifts. I was a caller on [a recent interview program] and was going through some major health challenges and Ken recognized that I had trauma in my body and I know through his helping, healing hands that night I was able to move forward in a positive way from all that, and I am sincerely grateful for that. Ken is truly awesome!!!

Deanna B. December 12, 2018

This program was priceless and I know Ken could have charged a fortune more and it would have still been a great deal! He is amazing and I am honored to have been a part of this program! Without his generosity I would not have gotten to experience the beautiful process of reuniting with my soul and for that, I will be forever grateful! I just wanted to express my deep gratitude for the love and generosity of heart that Ken expresses and want him to know because of this program my life will never be the same!

Angela P. December 12, 2018

THANK YOU SO VERY, VERY, MUCH INDEED KEN, for that divinely beautiful, moving and touching experience. You have a truly loving voice… trustworthy, responsible, understanding, compassionate… so richly layered and mature. I have a thing about voices. Yours resonates completely with me, as in, I could listen to you forever.

Sharon A. June 11, 2018

This first session with Ken was the most meaningful and deepest experience I have had through any internet connection. It went beyond the physical and touched my soul!

Linda Canada December 12, 2018

Thanks for your wonderful training, your great energy and your magnanimous heart. I purchased your package from one of the tele-summits and have found it very powerful and transformative.

Denise K. December 12, 2018

I just finished the program, …and I can’t thank you enough for your time, your magnificence, and your gift. And I am so grateful to my friend for introducing me to you. I have learned so much in these sessions, as well as the videos I have received, and will continue to practice and fine-tune.

Michele Phoenix December 12, 2018

About Ken

Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W Stone, “The Soul Archaeologist” is a spiritual teacher, healer, and founder and facilitator of The Resonance Experiment. He is the author of the forthcoming book Resonance: The Path of Spiritual Mastery.

God expresses through Ken in a unique way: when people sit with him in transmission, they have a profoundly different experience of the Divine in their body. For example, he has worked with a number of advanced former students of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who each said, following their initial session with him, “that was the deepest spiritual experience of my life.”

Ken has interviewed some of the foremost spiritual leaders of our time as part of The Resonance Experiment, including Father Thomas Keating, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Dr. Joe Vitale, Lynne McTaggart, and Academy Award winning producer and author, Barnet Bain, with each conversation sparking new insights on the meaning and role of resonance in our lives.

Goi Peace Award winner, author, and biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton in his Resonance Experiment interview, said about Ken:

“I so believe in your message and of you helping us evolve because obviously the world is in a very strange situation, and we’re in evolution, and the evolution is completely grounded in your understanding of resonance and vibrations. And that’s where the seed of this revolution is coming from.”

Ken shares his gifts with a spiritually diverse, growing international audience through a variety of virtual and in person programs, retreats and one-on-one and small group advanced spiritual mentoring.

Foundations of Spiritual Mastery I

Value: $1575


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