Advanced Spiritual Mentoring

Advanced Spiritual Mentoring

Advanced Exploration with Ken W. Stone

Limited to one client per year

The Advanced Exploration Program is designed to support the spiritually advanced Visionary Messenger in exploring, experiencing and embodying Divine Resonance at a level never before encountered. This program is designed to support you in shifting your consciousness and embodied experience to an entirely new level — while addressing exactly what is needed to ensure you accelerate forward in your developmental journey in consciousness.

This process is supported through quarterly five-day one-on-one retreats at your location (or travel to Colorado), three times a month extended (90-minute) one-on-one virtual sessions, together with unprecedented access to Ken’s consciousness as well as his programs, writing, and manuscripts — as determined by Ken in conjunction with your work together.

Be witnessed as you never have before. Be challenged in ways you could have never imagined — so you can Deeply experience yourself and the Divine as you never have before.

Exchange: $1,300,000USD/year (plus travel expenses)

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Note: You will automatically receive an email which includes a link to complete payment for your application fee for this Advanced One-on-One Union Mentoring Program (application exchange is $10,000 USD). Once you have done so, we will be in touch to schedule your exploration session with Ken.

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Note: The Advanced Exploration Program is an intense year-long commitment to yourself which comes with some huge inner work that can only be done by you.

Others have commented on how profound it is to be witnessed and supported directly by Ken — and it’s true, working with Ken in this way opens up a deeper experience of who you really are as an undistorted expression of the Divine. However, whatever work remains with surrender, and the integration of what you experience learn and explore with Ken, is your work to do. However these spiritual dynamics have been showing up in your life to this point, they will be accelerated once you begin this work with Ken, even and including as you’re making the choice to apply.

The application process includes a one-on-one exploration conversation with Ken (phone or Skype) to explore what is possible in consciousness, as well as time to sit and be in Resonance together so both you and Ken can determine if working together in this way is something to which you’d like to both commit. Your application fee is fully refundable should an offer to participate not be extended. Should an offer to participate be extended, your application fee is applied towards the Advanced Exploration Program exchange, and the balance is due via bank wire.

If you don’t show up for your scheduled exploration session with Ken, your application fee is immediately consumed and will not be refunded.

Should you have any questions prior to application, please send an email to:

Once you’ve completed your application, you’ll receive an email with a link to pay your application fee. Once you’ve paid, your application will be reviewed, and your exploration session with Ken will be scheduled.