Monthly Messenger Circle

Monthly Messenger Circle

The Next Step in Your Journey as a Spiritual Messenger: Monthly Messenger Circle

Plus Amplifying + Embodying Resonance LIVE Programs

Here’s What’s Included:

Monthly Messenger Circle
Gather Once a Month for a Marathon Transmission + Q&A/Interactive Session
Weekly Participation in:
Amplifying Resonance and Embodying Resonance Programs
Complete the Inaugural Embodying Resonance Circle
Continue Your Exploration of Resonance
Stay Together as a Circle Monthly — While Continuing the Powerful Work You’ve Already Begun
Recordings of All Sessions
So you can participate or listen again when its convenient for you
Amplifying Resonance
Is LIVE Weekly Beginning in Early December of 2017 (Wednesdays at 5p EST — US)
Embodying Resonance
Is LIVE Weekly Beginning on March 21st (Wednesday at 5p EST — US)
Monthly Messenger Circle
Is LIVE Monthly Beginning in late January 2018 and Continuing Through July
Free Sanctuary Membership for the Duration of this Circle

Monthly Messenger Circle


3-Pay option available at checkout
Paypal offers 6 months OAC

Frequently Asked Questions:

Each participant will experience something different. This is a function of many obvious things — such as your life to this point, your perspective, the way you’re wired emotionally, and so on. It’s also a function of many things that aren’t so obvious — the degree of your embodiment and so on.

There are no “qualifications” or “conditions” that must be met for joining either the Monthly Messenger Circle — or Spiritual Messenger Mastery. You were born with everything you need — and it’s all inside, right now.

You can expect to experience exactly what you need right now to support you in moving forward on your spiritual journey as well as your journey as a spiritual messenger. And it’s also best to let go of expectations completely when going into a program experience with Ken.

Monthly Messenger Circle

Offers members of the Embodying Resonance circle an opportunity to stay together and bridge between the beginning of the year and the closing of the current circle — and the next anticipated Spiritual Messenger Mastery program in August of 2018. The New Circles of Amplifying Resonance and Embodying Resonance (LIVE) are also included with this option — giving students a way to stay engaged and move deeper with the material and work of Spiritual Mastery — and Awakening the Messenger Within.

Spiritual Messenger Mastery — The Embodied Messenger

The first time this program was taught was in the fall and winter of 2016/2017 — and at the time it was offered as Spiritual Messenger Mastery I, II, and III.

In this updated program — the most advanced elements of Messenger Mastery II and III are being combined to support Spiritual Messengers in accelerating into the experience of being in Witnessing Presence — and then integrating, expanding, and embodying this most profound of experiences/places within — including the practices of the Spiritual Messenger — and much more.

Spiritual Messenger Mastery offers Spiritual Messengers an advanced virtual workshop and classroom for not only exploring and experiencing the depth of Divine Resonance for messengers who are interested in exploring their gifts with others — it also offers an accelerated forum for conversation in an “AMA” (Ask Me Anything) with Ken. While Ken doesn’t teach business strategies for Messengers per se — with this first of the advanced Messenger Series, students have the opportunity to explore any topic during the Marathon Interactive/Q&A sessions.

If you’re ready to commit to your unique gifts and Divine Purpose — this program is the perfect next step in your journey as a Spiritual Messenger.

No, you don’t have to understand it. In fact, there is nothing to understand. Only to be the most essential and present expression and experience of your Divine Presence. The Divine Mystery is not knowable, yet you can EXPERIENCE it. And as it turns out, not only can YOU experience it — but when you go into Your Witnessing Presence, others can experience it too — something you’ll be exploring in virtual workshop during Spiritual Messenger Mastery.

You already know this work is not a function of a mind-based process. This work is unfolding at the most essential level of your being — in the space of experience before your mind even gets involved.

Think of it: There are plenty of experiences in life that simply can’t be fully described no matter how many words or perspective are shared. Holding your new-born Baby. Having sex for the first time. Being with a loved one as they transition out of their body. There are a million other examples — I’m sure you can think of a few.

The deepest experience of who you really are does not arise from your mind, or your beliefs on any level. It makes perfect sense if your experience in life to this point isn’t congruent with this statement — that’s true for nearly everyone who experiences Ken’s work. Once you sink into a space of deeper embodiment you’ll understand more — and when you take the next step forward in this journey into Your Witnessing Presence — something profound will open up in your awareness and experience. And you’ll understand it from an experiential perspective — call it Embodied Knowledge.

As Ken says: We cannot know the Divine — but we can EXPERIENCE the Divine within. Experiences at this level have nothing to do with beliefs. You’re about to open and walk through a door (again — at a deeper level) to a broader and deeper experience of yourself. An experience of yourself as an Embodied Messenger.

Remember this work is cumulative, not linear — and frequency has the affect of exponentially multiplying the impact. You’ve already done the work of Igniting Resonance — and then Practicing (Amplifying) Resonance — and now you’re wrapping up Embodying Resonance. Now it’s time to take the next step into the Divine Mystery with Spiritual Messenger Mastery — and continue uncovering Your Divine Purpose as you move even further into the Divine Mystery.

Here’s to greater Resonance in your being — and your life! Here’s to Being who you really are — for yourself in your relationship with the Divine — in relationship with your calling — and in the world as an Embodied Messenger.

Submit your questions to Ken’s team. They’ll follow-up with answers — or direct to you to where you can find answers to your questions. As this happens, this FAQ will be updated so others can learn from what you’re asking about as well. Email the team here.

Enrollment in both programs is closing at Midnight PST (US) on January 5th 2018 so you have plenty of time to evaluate which option works best for you — get answers to your questions — and allow the Embodying Resonance circle to close on Monday the 8th with a clear path forward already defined for those who are moving on. This is also helpful in setting the container for the new circles — and making sure everyone has login information for the programs, etc.

The next anticipated time when these programs will be available is in August of 2018. If you’d like to ensure you’re part of the energy of this circle moving forward — you are encouraged to choose the option that resonates most for you — then make plans to step even further into the mystery in 2018 and beyond!!

Enrollment in Spiritual Messenger Mastery — The Embodied Messenger and the Monthly Messenger Circle are available exclusively to graduates of Embodying Resonance. If you enroll in the Monthly Messenger Circle — you’ll have an opportunity to enroll in Spiritual Messenger Mastery in July of 2018. The investment to enroll at that time will be at or above current enrollment options. If you enroll now in Spiritual Messenger Mastery you’ll receive both the Monthly Messenger Circle AND Spiritual Messenger Mastery (whenever it happens — either in January or August of 2018) for $3,750 (or single pay: $3,500).

The simple answer is no.

You’re evaluating the first in a series of Advanced Leadership Programs — having already completed the first three programs (Ignite, Amplify and Embody Resonance). This growth curve of the prior three programs will increase pretty dramatically with Spiritual Messenger Mastery as you accelerate into the heart of experiencing and embodying the Divine Mystery with Your Witnessing Presence. Crack open the door to this extraordinary experience and presence that is within you now!

Beyond Spiritual Messenger Mastery are a series of Small Group Immersion Programs designed to give you the opportunity to explore your gifts in a small group open line virtual workshop environment (these are space limited to ensure each member of the group has the opportunity to explore their gifts and fully engage) and an invitation only circle called the Advanced Leadership and Mastery Group. Spiritual Messenger Mastery is the final and most advanced of the larger class programs designed to support Spiritual Messengers in stepping into their gifts as you step out in the world to serve those you’re here to support.

If you’re feeling called into deeper work with Ken — this program offer a unique opportunity to engage in some deep and profound inner work — and with Spiritual Messenger Mastery — begin to engage in a workshop/exploration dynamic with your gifts and the others in the circle. These are LIVE programs — each aspect of each program is taught/facilitated/engaged by Ken as it happens.

There are no refunds offered for in conjunction with these programs. If you feel called to this or feel resonance with moving forward, trust that there will be powerful experiences and awareness that come from going in further with this work.

Payment plans are offered to create accessibility with each program, for as many as would like to engage in this work. Please ensure that you can complete your payment obligations prior to choosing a payment plan.

This is about committing to your soul — to yourself. Make a big commitment to yourself.

Reflections About Ken’s Work

Ken has truly helped me to become the type of leader and messenger that people are inspired to listen to and follow and I highly recommend you work with him too.

Natalie Ledwell Spiritual Messenger, Speaker, Author and Co-Founder of Mind Movies | June 27, 2018

Ken Stone means more to me than words can say. I have been blessed with many spiritual guides and mentors. Ken has been the most powerful instrument of transformation in my life. He has a way of holding sacred space and seeing my highest expression of who I am. He sees the whole me and allows me to recognize my own divinity with grace and dignity where I am. Ken is the real deal — authentic, open and vulnerable. He walks his talk and does not pretend to have all the answers or hold himself as a conduit to my connection with spirit. He supports me, and everyone he touches, to be my own source of inspiration and guidance. Ken is a brilliant light in the world. I am honored to call him my friend and soul brother.

Mark Porteous Spiritual Messenger, Speaker and Author | June 27, 2018

Ken Stone truly is the Soul Archaeologist. Of all the teachers and various courses that I’ve taken and people that I’ve met in my 60 years He is the first person that I’ve met who has this unique approach and ability to enable a person to tune in and discover their soul and reconnect with their soul.

Lynda Paquette Seward, Alaska June 27, 2018

It’s rare that I experience such deep and ecstatic connection to the divine and the present moment so quickly as I did when I received my first session from Ken. Since then, I have felt much more aligned with the unlimited potential of my life, and things have been flowing to me with ease. Thanks so much Ken.

Rachael Jayne Groover Founder: The Yin Project; Author: Powerful AND Feminine | June 27, 2018

Ken is one of my secret resources. When I’m in session with Ken I have the deepest spiritual experiences. I remember once even saying to him “if this experience is repeatable — then you are the real deal” and he is the real deal. There are very small number people I’ve spent time with where I feel the presence of the spirit in this way.

Derek Rydall Spiritual Messenger, Speaker and Author | June 11, 2018

Everything about my life has changed. EVERYTHING!! How I will conduct business, how I’ll lead a workshop, how I can be in public. All the pieces of the puzzles that I’ve been working on for years came together during my session with Ken.

Jan Stringer Spiritual Messenger, Speaker and Author | June 11, 2018

Monthly Messenger Circle


3-Pay option available at checkout
Paypal offers 6 months OAC

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