Customer Service Manager

Customer Service Manager

We have a Job Opening!

My name is Ken Stone, and I am looking for the right member of my Divinely appointed soul support team to join my spiritual business as a customer service manager.

I am a Spiritual Messenger and I work with people from around the world, from virtually every spiritual and religious tradition.

I support my community in more deeply experiencing and exploring their relationship with the Divine by whatever name – in a variety of contexts (more deeply for their own benefit, peace and Resonance – and also in support of their spiritual gifts, message and Divine Mission – as Spiritual Messengers in their own right).

My business is web based, for profit, not affiliated with any church, and I share my God given spiritual gifts with my community outside the framework of any religious or spiritual tradition.

I’m telling you this up front, because you may immediately know you don’t want to support the work I’m engaged in based on this description. Conversely, you may be drawn to the work I do and want to read further because of this description.

Duties for this Position Include:

  • Responding to customer service emails – which requires expertise and ability to quickly navigate through G Suite, AWS, Kajabi, InstantTeleseminar, and some basic elements of Infusionsoft (customer lookup, tags, etc.).
  • Scheduling appointments and emailing confirmation of appointments (G Suite – calendar, email and google docs + Instant Teleseminar).
  • Weekly/Daily customer service maintenance of online learning platform for ongoing LIVE and Self-Study Classes (Kajabi, AWS, Instant Teleseminar, and Word – formatting and publishing PDF documents of transcripts – the transcripts are completed by another member of the team)
  • Scheduling emails through Infusionsoft for community or class communications (Infusionsoft).
  • Additional administrative support directly to me – as directed (examples include: supporting me in the writing process around books being published, scheduling and coordinating workshops retreats and speaking engagements, communication with colleagues, interviews and other similar projects).

The Ideal Candidate …

Is extremely organized, focused, a fast learner, able to treat all client and business communication and process – including class materials, session recordings and writings with complete confidentiality, and … is excited to support a growing spiritual community that is the result of my spiritual mission – my life’s work.

Extra bonus points if you’re good at “whispering” a spiritual visionary’s shorthand into coherent, effective action lists and project management (and then getting it all knocked out efficiently) – and if you have wordpress and more advanced Infusionsoft skills.

Further – the ideal candidate can communicate effectively, accurately, and efficiently in American English to a worldwide audience. While you may be located anywhere in the world, it’s important to me that you’re available to me to some degree during some of my “regular” business hours – which run from 9 or 10a to 5 or 6p mountain time (US) Monday-Friday. By available – I mean available by skype chat or video conference and responding to customer service emails a couple of times during this window. Beyond this, available if I have a project I need to explain to you, etc.

If you’re looking for a meaningful way to apply your organizational, administrative and customer service skills, this may be the right opportunity for you.

Learn More …

About me: (watch the video on the home page)

My mission: (if it resonates with you, I invite you to opt in and participate in the first three sessions (a video and two audios) plus you can listen to interviews I’ve conducted with luminaries such as Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joe Vitale, Father Thomas Keating, and others).

Successful Candidates …

Will have opted in and experienced the three sessions associated with the Experiment prior to applying. If you’ve listened and experienced these sessions and you’re feeling drawn to support me and my community, please mention this and WHY in your cover letter.

Since I’m looking for a soul level fit for my business in this position, I’ll politely ignore form style cover letters. Personalize and get my attention – and I’ll pay attention and be present to you and your gifts. 🙂

Important Background …

My first divinely appointed assistant was named Heather – and she was a family friend and gift from God to me and my business. The day I called her to see if she wanted to work for me she said: “Ken Stone I was about to call you and ask why you haven’t hired me yet!”

Heather worked for me for nearly two years and she did an extraordinary job. She was a stay-at-home mother who had run a very successful legal transcription business prior to getting married and having kids. She wanted to rejoin the workforce after ten years of primarily focusing on raising her children, looking for a way to have an impact and do something significant beyond her work at home with her kids.

It was the perfect fit for both of us – until she discovered that she needed to get out of the house and see people and connect in person – beyond the virtual connections her work with me offered. I also talk and teach a lot about finding your divine purpose – and she was inspired by this. Since Heather left to find her purpose – I haven’t found another perfect replacement. That’s what I’m looking for this time – and I trust that all this detail will help you rule yourself in or out – either way – helping us both to be closer to what we’re both looking for.

Are You A Spiritual Messenger?

There are many aspiring Spiritual Messengers who may be drawn to this position. An opportunity to work for an established, successful Messenger – make some money while learning more about the industry and in the process, maybe figure out how to break through in your own business.

If this is you, with love and appreciation for this perspective and motivation, I’m not interested in connecting with you in this way. My instincts have long said this isn’t what I want to be doing with this position – and it’s time for me to simply own this. I would LOVE to support your journey as a Spiritual Messenger with Embodying Resonance and Spiritual Messenger Mastery. But this position isn’t the right fit at this time.

Further – in the last year or more I’ve come to a place where I not only accept – but deeply believe – that there are people who have been divinely appointed to support me in my mission, whose Divine Purpose is supporting a Spiritual Messenger in pursuing her or his Divine Mission.

If you know this is you – or at least you know that your purpose is to support someone else in theirs, keep reading!

Hours per Week, Availability and a Couple of Final Very Important Notes

This position is a rock solid 5 hours per week without question (you have to be super-efficient to make it all happen in 5 hours. And that’s what I’m looking for: someone who is super-efficient – nothing less than this) – with the potential to be 10 or even 20 hours per week (possibly more) depending on your skills, and how invaluable you are to me as an administrative assistant along with your ability to deeply connect to and serve my community.

Beyond the initial 5 hours (and how invaluable you can be for as an administrative and project support), additional requirements and hours for this position are also dependent on classes, events and other things that are beyond my ability to accurately forecast at this time – so flexibility and the ability to respond to increases in customer service demand, or administrative projects is essential for the successful candidate.

As often as two times a year, I conduct The Resonance Experiment LIVE – and during the month or two bracketing this event, weekend work and extra hours may be necessary (they’re an absolute necessity the weekend of the Experiment). Overall my goal is to live a well-balanced life, and I don’t want to have ongoing unbalanced expectations for members of my team. It takes an extra effort on everyone’s part during The Resonance Experiment and it’s important you know that up front.

Right now, I’m my own assistant for the first time in nearly 5 years and it’s going along just fine. I’m in no hurry to find the right person – so I won’t be making compromises on what’s important to me in the person who fills this position. On the other hand, I have lots to do – and having the right person fill this position quickly will free me up to do other work … and I would welcome that opportunity.

I’ve got an amazing community – many of whom remember and knew Heather well – and who have tried to bond with the various team members in the nearly 3 years since she moved on to other pursuits. They’re ready for the right person to support and serve them – and to support and serve me.

Most Importantly …

If… you’ve done the big inner work that is so essential to being grounded in a strong sense and experience of who you are (coming into Stage 3 Consciousness) – if you’ve integrated the primary points of noise that we all have to address as human beings (self-love, worthiness of God’s love, etc.) – in other words you have a stable, drama free life – are super skilled in the areas I’m looking for – you’re feeling drawn to this position – and you know your purpose is all about supporting someone else’s mission, let’s connect!

Even if you check most of these boxes off – let’s connect. The most important details for me are consciousness, computer savvy, time and project management efficiency and good customer service instincts. I can teach the right person how to work with the programs that run the back end of my business if need be.

Thanks for reading and considering if this position is right for you, and if you’re the right person for this position.

To Apply …

Please forward a cover letter, resume and any other details about you or your background that you think would be important for me to know about you to: – and make note of the purpose for your email in the subject line so it stands out.

In Divine Presence and Gratitude,


PS – If this isn’t the perfect fit with you, but you know someone who might be interested – please forward them a link to this page, let them know why you thought of them – and invite them to read and consider if this opportunity is perfect for them.