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  • Divine Connecting Breath Training Video + MP3 Download - so you can begin to more fully crack open your connection with the Divine and feel the peace and joy that result
  • Short DCB + Embodiment Practice MP3 Download - so no matter how busy you are, you're always able to reset, ground, and become fully aware of the inner love that is always present
  • Divine Transmission "On the Importance of Being in the Body" MP3 Download - so you can learn more about being Embodied AND more fully experience Embodiment
Lynda Paquette Lynda Paquette, Spiritual Messenger, Speaker and Author:

"Ken Stone truly is the Soul Archaeologist. Of all the teachers and various courses that I’ve taken and people that I’ve met in my 60 years He is the first person that I’ve met who has this unique approach and ability to enable a person to tune in and discover their soul and reconnect with their soul."

Mark Porteous Mark Porteous, Spiritual Messenger, Speaker and Author:

“Ken is the real deal – authentic, open and vulnerable. He walks his talk and does not pretend to have all the answers or hold himself as a conduit to my connection with spirit. He supports me, and everyone he touches, to be my own source of inspiration and guidance. Ken is a brilliant light in the world. I am honored to call him my friend and soul brother.”

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