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Two Types of Programs are Available to Support You:

Introductory (scroll down or click this link)

These free programs are available to support you in deepening your awareness and experience of who you really are while ensuring this work is a good fit prior to making an investment. These programs include online video, audio, and live virtual (webcast for worldwide participation) sessions.

Advanced (scroll down or click)

When you’re ready to go deeper and receive the support you’ve been looking for on your spiritual journey or your journey as a spiritual messenger.

These programs range from self-study online to live virtual (webcast for worldwide participation) sessions – including weekly group Divine Transmissions to support our world-wide community, as well as video, DVD, MP3 downloads, and live in-person retreats. They range from $9 to thousands – to ensure the support you’re looking for is available in a program and package that works for you.

If you see a program that really resonates with you and you’d like to learn more about it beyond what’s available on this website, please reach out to Dee Meyer by email. She’ll be in touch to answer your questions or support you through the application process.

Divine Connecting Breath

Ken opens each session utilizing this powerful process (received via Divine Download in January of 2010) for moving from the default state of duality (separation) to non-duality (oneness).

  • Learn how to immediately open and experience your connection to the Divine through a simple technique Ken as shared with hundreds of thousands around the world.
  • Release stress and pressure that is held in your body utilizing your “universal drain.”
  • Reset your body to it’s natural, calm, state.

Overwhelming Joy …

“Thank you for the video. I found it very helpful. I felt very peaceful, and I went thru it a couple of times while multi tasking some what and still was profoundly touched. I found it best when totally focused.

Growing up as a foster child since the age of one has left me often feeling very isolated and alone, so the first time I listened to the tape, I was very moved at the exercise and the feeling of being very connected with others.

The second time I was touched by the overwhelming joy of having the divine in and a part of me not just outside of me. The third time I felt that part of my emotional pains were leaving out the drain and I saw in my minds eye a bright golden light from the divine which was different from the other times, so each time was different. I loved it.”
— Ruth Cannon

Continually Captivated …

“I guess I will never understand what made me link from an unexpected email to a video in which I spent 38 minutes lost—yes, lost—transported, entranced, falling in love with a simple breath process, which has little to do with breathing. Still, here I am over four years later continually captivated by the unpretentious, comfortable, and yet fantastically inspiring work of Ken Stone. Indeed, here I am waiting impatiently to find out what will show up next—not from him—from me as a result of doing this work.”
— Jess Sanders

Purpose Beyond Passion

Discover Your Purpose and Rocket Forward on Your Mission. Free virtual event available for worldwide participation. Make the commitment to yourself and discover your Divine Purpose.

Solstice For Your Soul

The Solstice For Your Soul series is a 4-times a year series of Divine Transmissions at the Summer and Winter Solstice, as well as the Fall and Spring Equinox. These times are widely recognized for their powerful energetic invitation to all of humanity. Amplify and focus their impact on your spiritual journey by participating in this wonderful, free series.

NEW: Experiencing Divine Resonance ($9)

In this hour-long talk (MP3 download) Ken explores with you what it is to experience Divine Resonance within your body – along with some practical suggestions and small adjustments you can make to begin preparing live your life as it was meant to be lived.

  • Divine Resonance as your natural state – yet there’s some work to be done on your part to realize and experience.
  • Examples of Divine Resonance in every-day life.
  • Shifting from thinking you must create everything – to receiving the truth of who you are.

Learn more and enroll here. (Coming Soon! – this link is not yet active)

NEW: Practical Experiences of Spirituality ($47)

In these three sessions (MP3 downloads), discover practical experiences of spirituality in your life – experiences that unfold naturally while reflecting deep spiritual truths.

We all come to a point in our lives when we’re ready to turn inward, rather than continuing to chase external solutions and ideas. Join Ken as he supports your inward turn as you begin to uncover the deep truths of who you are through experience.

  • Deepen your inner exploration through a combination of Ken’s teachings, guided meditations, and Divine Transmissions.
  • Beginning to quiet your mind – practical applications for Divine Connecting Breath.
  • Recordings you can utilize in your every-day to move into deeper resonance – even when feelings of chaos and challenge begin to dominate your experience.

Learn more and enroll here. (Coming Soon! – this link is not yet active)

Experience Your Inner Healing PowerNEW: Experience Your Inner Healing Power ($247)

Many people think that there are a few people who have special healing gifts. Through these gifts, we can have ordinary and sometimes even extraordinary healing experiences.

If only we all had these gifts!

It turns out we do!!

Join Ken as he supports you in more deeply experiencing yourself as you really are – as an undistorted expression and extensions of the Divine – through a series of ten Divine Transmissions without a focus on spiritual teaching or practice – just straight experience.

  • Your healing gift comes from the most essential aspect of your nature – from your connection with and expression of the Divine through and as you.
  • No matter your beliefs or experience, whether you’re a seasoned meditator or brand new to sitting in silence for a few minutes … you have healing gifts that are waiting to be experienced.
  • Enliven and more deeply experience who you already are – rather than exploring trying to “fix” something that’s wrong.

Learn more and enroll here.

Full IntegrationNEW: Introduction to Spiritual Mastery ($497)

Expand your awareness as you open to joy.

Accelerate your inner transformation from control and struggle to being in flow and joy with this 4-week virtual program (webcast for worldwide participation).

In this program Ken introduces you to the core elements of Spiritual Mastery while support you in beginning to experience the insights and perspective you’re leaning about each week. Deepen your understanding and experience of the deep inner joy and love and are your true nature.

  • Understand how to make a meaningful shift towards experiencing greater joy and peace.
  • Begin moving from knowledge to experience – and finally close the gap between what you know is possible and what you’re actually experiencing every day.
  • Transform from a fear and limitation based focus, and begin living from an expanded, love-filled perspective where you can embrace your Divine Purpose.
  • Learn how to free yourself permanently from pimarily focusing on resolving challenges and clearing blocks.

Learn more and enroll here.

Foundations of Spiritual MasteryFoundations of Spiritual Mastery I ($997)

Contrary to what most people believe to be true … you already have within you all that you need to experience Spiritual Mastery – the connection, peace, and joy that the most advanced yogis and spiritual practitioners experience every day. You just haven’t been able to access these parts of yourself consistently … until now.

With Foundations of Spiritual Mastery I, you’ll learn the techniques and insights that have helped thousands of people end their physical, emotional, and spiritual pain, break through the barriers to Spiritual Mastery, and directly access their inner Divine.

This program includes:

  • All six practices that Ken teaches and facilitates in his private practice for thousands of dollars – so you can predictably and consistently resolve challenges and blocks while moving into greater resonance in your life.
  • 12 LIVE weekly Group Sessions in The Sanctuary – so you can begin to integrate and deepen the practices into every aspect of your life once you’ve completed the primary 30-day self-study portion of the program. You’ll also be able to ask Ken your questions each week – as well as request individual facilitation in the context of the community.
  • Experience the embodiment of the Divine within your being – so can begin to experience the promise of Divine Resonance in every aspect of your life, every day.
  • Open a profound perspective previously only available to to yogis and other spiritual masters – so you can begin living a fulfilling life, every day.

Amazing! …

“The changes in my life since I started this program are amazing. The word amazing somehow doesn’t cut it. This morning, a few days after I listened to the recording I had a massive release take place. I am in awe of this process. I understand now why staying in the body is so important to release all the human challenges that we have stored away in us, either physically, emotionally and or spiritually.”
— Jessica Sereeno – Rhode Island

Another Lifetime (or longer) Problem Wiped Out …

“I LOVE this practice! I’ve always been critical of my body and focusing on what’s wrong with it instead of what’s right. But by the end of this practice I was holding my body (energetically) with the same kind of love and affection that you feel when you’re holding a small baby. It felt so peaceful. And ever since then, my criticizing of my body has stopped. Another lifetime (or longer) problem wiped out by Foundations of Spiritual Mastery! The problems just keep falling away, one after the other.”
— Katheryn Griffith – Texas

I found my alignment and connection with God …

“I have found the deepest part of me; the most beautiful part – the part I kept looking for out there. Through Ken Stone’s self study recordings, I have “relocated” that which I seek; the alignment and connection with God I knew in my heart I could have each and every day, no matter what was happening around me.”
— Rose Englund – Maryland

Learn more and enroll here.

Beneath the SandBeneath the Sand Practice (the Visceral Experience of Your Wholeness)

Beneath the Sand is a simple yet profound practice (received via Divine Download in September of 2010) that facilitates a deep experiencing and remembering of one’s true nature: whole in every way (emotionally, physically, and spiritually), an undistorted extension of the Divine.

Beneath the Sand is now available exclusively as part of the Foundations of Spiritual Mastery I course. Learn more here.

The Sanctuary – Community Weekly Group Sessions ($25-$100/month)

The Sanctuary offers spiritual support via Divine Transmission through Ken with weekly group sessions (webcast for worldwide participation) – each Tuesday at 3p EST (US).  Themes are introduced via email to the community each Monday for the Tuesday session – and generally are focused on integration, deeper resonance, as well as the full range of spiritual support necessary to support the entire community. Typically sessions begin with a live Q&A opportunity – as well as an opportunity to receive individual facilitation in the context of the community.

Membership also includes access to the complete library of Divine energy transmissions that Ken has facilitated via webcast. This living library covers all aspects of the spiritual journey, from physical, emotional, and abundance challenges and blocks, to sessions focused on greater resonance and clarity around purpose, authenticity, relationship, to deepening your Divine connection within and surrender.

Membership is now available exclusively to graduates of the Foundations of Spiritual Mastery I program. You can enroll in Foundations I here.

NEW: Embody Your Soul Self-Study Immersion Program ($697)

Join Ken for this this advanced virtual immersion program and receive the most advanced support available around embodying your soul outside of private one-on-one sessions as you transmute the trauma that is up for attention now, while moving from the trauma cycle to the cycle of resonance.

This program is available exclusively to graduates of Foundations of Spiritual Mastery I.

Learn More and Enroll Here

Discovering Your Gifts – Small Group Immersion Program ($4500)

This virtual immersion program is an intense, advanced small group discovery process (live, webcast sessions for world-wide participation) focused on self-discovery of gifts over 11-weeks. Discovering Your Gifts is designed to support a wide range of Spiritual Messengers in more deeply discovering their spiritual gifts – from messengers who are currently sharing their gifts professionally, to those who are just beginning to be aware of a pull towards a deeper purpose in their life, and everyone in between. This Small Group Immersion Program is limited to 12 participants. The next Discover Gifts Group will launch in 2017. Please contact Dee if you’d like to apply to be part of this group.

Explore Your Gifts – Small Group Immersion Program ($6000)

This virtual immersion program (webcast for world-wide participation) is available exclusively to graduates of the Discover Your Gifts Small Group Immersion Program. This program is available to not less than 4 and not more than 6 participates participants. The thrust of this opportunity is an ongoing virtual workshop where you can share your gifts and receive feedback from the others in your group – while witnessing and receiving and giving feedback about their gifts. Additional sessions are facilitated by Ken throughout the program to support the group in moving deeper and integrating. This is a 20-week program that also includes an advanced in-person add-on to the Embodied Messenger Experience retreat – or Soul Reunion Experience retreat – whichever is scheduled next relative to when your group begins. Current Discovering Gifts participants are encouraged to schedule time to talk with Ken one-on-one (talk with Heather – she’ll make sure you get on Ken’s calendar) to see if this program would be a good fit in their ongoing spiritual leadership work.

Embody Your Gifts – Small Group Immersion Program ($6000)

This virtual immersion program (webcast for world-wide participation) is available exclusively to graduates of the Explore Your Gifts Small Group Immersion Program. This is a 20-week experience designed to conclude the three significant segments of Spiritual Leadership around gifts (Discover, Explore, Embody). Current exploring gifts participants are encouraged to schedule time to talk with Ken one-on-one (talk with Heather – she’ll make sure you get on Ken’s calendar) to see if this program would be a good fit in their ongoing spiritual leadership work.

Advanced Mastery Program ($36000/year)

This is an invitation only group limited to graduates of the Embody Your Gifts Small Group Immersion Program. This ongoing group is limited to not more than 12 participants on an ongoing basis – it’s effectively Ken’s “inner circle” group. Participation in this group includes tickets to the Embodied Messenger Experience as well as the Soul Reunion Experience – the advanced in-person retreats that follow these events, as well as an additional week-long retreat each year (location and dates set by the group) exclusively for Advanced Mastery Program members. The deepest most advanced spiritual work that Ken offers happens with this group. If you’re interested in being considered and haven’t yet received an invitation please reach out to Heather.

Additional Opportunities to Study with Ken:

Ken also has a limited availability to work one-on-one in private session (more details here).

If you’re interested in any of the advanced small group immersion programs or the advanced mastery program and you have questions, please email Dee. She’ll schedule time to connect live on the phone with you to understand your goals and objectives and help you choose which programs will best serve you on your spiritual journey. Some programs also require an interview with Ken prior to enrolling, and Heather can help arrange for that if appropriate.

Ken in Private Session

One-on-one Private Sessions with Ken are available via phone or Skype for clients around the world.

Ken in Group Session

Work with Ken in Group Session: Available exclusively through The Messenger Sanctuary.

Join the Messenger Sanctuary for 3 months FREE when you enroll in Foundations of Spiritual Mastery I.

Ken in Person

Check Ken’s Schedule and Sign Up to be notified of upcoming workshops and retreats.

Book Ken for a private event with your group:

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