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The Messenger Sanctuary Includes:

  • Weekly live group Divine energy transmissions facilitated by Ken every Tuesday at 8pm EDT (US) – webcast for worldwide participation.
  • The complete library of every group session that Ken has facilitated for the community. This includes sessions on healing your mind, physical body, and soul, and much more. This is a living library as each week a new session is added.
  • Specialized recordings to support your daily practice and re-tuning – including “studio” recordings to support the Beneath the Sand process in daily practice, tuning the seven primary chakras, and tuning for abundance.
  • Access to live Special Group Sessions – as well as recordings of past Special Group Sessions – including Staying in your own energy, Tuning your intentions for 2011, 4 Days of Healing, Solstice for Your Soul, Messenger Insights Interviews, and the complete Beneath the Sand Process
  • Other specialized resources – including a 21-day video course that will walk you through each step of the Beneath the Sand Process as well as several other critical processes not found anywhere else (including tuning up your own intuitive guidance system).
  • New daily practice recordings for coming into the body, integration, surrender, and Beneath the Sand.
  • Monthly Q&A sessions – live with Ken.
  • Email access to Ken.
  • The 10-minute Divine Connecting Breath recording.
  • Much more. Get $1,000′s of recordings and experiences inside The Messenger Sanctuary, lock in your charter dues for as long as you’re active, and give yourself every advantage towards coming into a deep state of resonance in every area of your life, supporting you in sharing your message with the world from a place of complete authenticity and alignment.
  • Cancel anytime – it’s important to stay with the community only as long as it is providing value to you and your journey.