Discover Your Gifts - Small Group Immersion Program

Take the First Step to Uncover Your Message and Purpose: Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

You have unique gifts that are waiting to more fully express through you. Spiritual Gifts which express through you and originate with the Divine. You’re the only one your gifts were given to. If your gifts are to be experienced by you or anyone else, the first step is to discover them.

How do you go about discovering your spiritual gifts?

Inner Resonance

There’s a place inside where everything is fully resonant – where answers to questions are readily accessible. When you begin tapping into this place the power of that resonance spills into every aspect of your life. shutterstock_184151525Eventually you realize it’s a river of resonance that flows so powerfully through the world, it is present in everyone and everything.

The only question is: how do we begin tapping into and experiencing the resonance of the river?

We get clues along the way – relationships that open us to a deeper sense of ourselves, experiences in nature that lead us to the stillness and resonance within.

A sense of purpose or calling that pulls us towards something, even when we have no conscious awareness of what is pulling us, or where we’re being pulled.

If we were to name these two things – the energy pulling us – and the place we’re being pulled, we could call these two fundamentally animating energies in our lives the Divine – and our Spiritual Gifts. They are interconnected. The Divine is the most essential animating energy in the cosmos, and from this energy comes a unique expression called you. When the Divine expresses as you, it takes on unique qualities and characteristics, which are only available to the world through you. Once your gifts are uncovered, they begin to express through these unique qualities and characteristics as you.

Your Spiritual Gifts

shutterstock_895094Discovering your gifts is a lifelong journey, just as experiencing the Divine is a lifelong exploration. These two aspects of the lifelong expedition we’re all on can be a source of comfort and excitement. And it can be a source of frustration – especially when we approach life in polarity focused on seeking “the answers” rather than being fully present to each aspect of a journey that is dynamic, unfolding with each step that we take.

Your Spiritual Gifts unlock your message and your mission. As you discover, explore and embody your gifts, you begin receiving your message and your mission in life along with your deeper divine purpose.

Cycle of Exploration

One essential animating energy leads us to another, which in turns leads us to another. As we walk around the circle and each aspect is more illuminated, we in turn are drawn in deeper to the essential underwriting theme that was the initial impetus: we more fully discover experience and remember the Divine. In turn we more fully discover and experience our gifts. In turn we more fully discover our message and then our purpose. In turn we more fully discover and experience the Divine. And so it goes, this extraordinary spiritual journey that we all share.

shutterstock_58675459We could say that it all begins with a deepening of our relationship with the Divine within – and then our Gifts reveal themselves, and it’s true – this is how it all begins.

What can we do to focus on the exploration of our Gifts? What can be done to support you in uncovering your gifts?

To be clear this process is organic and constantly unfolding in each of us. Nothing outside of you is needed to open to the inner Divine spark – to experience it, to embody it, to open to your gifts. This is the natural process of awareness, experience and integration that is the trajectory of your soul.

Sometimes we feel drawn to focused support for certain aspects of the journey. Perhaps it’s about receiving support in more fully experiencing the Divine within. Or exploring purpose – or message. Perhaps it’s in finding deeper resonance in one’s career or vocation – or in an intimate relationship.

When the focus turns to your Spiritual Gifts there are so many wonderful ways to receive support on the journey of self-discovery.

Moving Forward with Support

One way to dive into and be supported in this amazing process of self-exploration more deeply is to join me for the next Discover Your Gifts Small Group Immersion Program.

shutterstock_220352410Understanding that Gift Discovery is a lifelong practice, we have participants who are already sharing their gifts with others professionally – and we have participants who have been feeling the call of purpose and gifts, but who are not yet aware of their gifts in any conscious way.

The way we will embark on this immersion expedition will make it possible for people of all ages, backgrounds, beliefs, experiences, and perspectives to participate and powerfully gain new insights and growth both spiritually, in awareness of gifts and on many other levels.

We’ll explore our divine curriculum for part of our time together, with opportunities to ask your questions, and receive answers. The balance of our time together will be in receiving and experiencing the depth of our Divine resonance – including practices and processes designed to support you in greater insight, awareness, and experience both spiritually – and of your gifts.

shutterstock_186693470This group is limited to 12 participants to ensure that our time together and the energy are focused in a way that powerfully supports those who are called to participate in rapid growth, discovery, and awareness. It will be an intense experience – one that is designed to powerfully support you in the process of self-discovery and deepening of your awareness and understanding of your Spiritual Gifts.

This is an advanced program – each participant will have completed the Foundations of Spiritual Mastery I program prior to the start of Self Discovery of Gifts Immersion Program. If you haven’t already taken this course, don’t worry – we’ll gift it to you so you can begin working with it immediately. When the program begins, I want to be able to work with the group at a deeper level, and Foundations I ensures we’re all in a place to be open to the deeper work.

Are you ready to discover your spiritual gifts?

Here’s what I know about this program:

For the people who are ready to embark in a journey of self-discovery, this immersion program is the perfect next step in uncovering your gifts.

    • So the gifts the Divine is expressing uniquely through you can be discovered and honored.

This will be an intense program – perfect if you’re ready to do some big inner work around discovering your purpose. Not at all perfect if you’re looking for a shortcut or for someone to give you all the answers. As you may know I’m into supporting your discovery of your truth, your resonance, your connection … and your gifts.

    • So you can discover, experience, and embody all aspects of your true nature while honoring the truth of who you are!

The next group will start mid-November 2015.

The curriculum with each Small Group reveals itself. I’m anticipating 5 weeks focused on teaching and Q&A, and 5 weeks focused on experience (facilitated, guided sessions). Teaching/Q&A weeks will alternate with Experience weeks.

    • Because Experience is so important around integration, on the Teaching/Q&A weeks, you’ll also join the Sanctuary session for that week. In this way, you’ll have 10 straight weeks of Divine Transmission sessions – 5 of which are exclusively part of the program, 5 of which are general integration sessions.

One of the themes that I’ll be teaching (and supporting in session as well) will be developing/deepening your relationship and experience of your intuitive guidance system. There’s always at least one additional avenue of feedback available to support (or deny) intuitive guidance as coming from your higher self, or coming from ego or personality projection or attachment (in my case, it’s my feet and/or hands buzzing that is the secondary body-based guidance). I’m sure there will be additional sessions available for download to support you in developing/deepening your experience of your intuitive guidance system.

    • So you have another avenue of confirmation and resonance to confirm your intuitive messages and guidance so you can ensure that you’re on the right path as you move forward with the journey.

You’ll have an exclusive, secure website (not part of Facebook) where you can share experiences, awareness, questions, and reflections with the other participants in this immersion program.

    • So you can connect privately with other participants in a space of authentic vulnerability, where you’ll also be able to download the recordings from each week’s session/teaching – along with any other resources that may be developed or shared throughout the program.

You’ll also receive a complimentary ticket to my spring event: the Embodied Messenger Experience (Messenger Reunion) in Estes Park, Colorado ($1800). Your ticket includes breakfast and lunch at the resort Monday the 18th – Wednesday the 20th of April as well as pre and post-event private group sessions shutterstock_219846658. The Soul Reunion Experience takes place April 18th – 20th (arrive on the 16th or 17th, depart on the 21st or later) in Estes Park, Colorado.

  • So you can be powerfully supported on your journey as a spiritual messenger by gathering in person and coming to deep reunion with your soul and the souls of those who join you for this event. We’ll also have an opportunity to gather as Gift Discovery Immersion Group prior to the start of this event so we can connect in person and deepen relationship with each other and ourselves.

Here’s what I don’t know:

==> If this program right for you. You may already know that it is. And you may be wondering. The only way to move forward to discover if it’s the perfect fit is to submit your application. My assistant Heather will get us scheduled for a conversation ASAP and together we’ll figure it out.

==> The exact time for each week’s class or session. We’ll start in mid-November with time off for Thanksgiving – and the holidays through the end of the year. My calendar has some flexibility in terms of the exact time of the course and I will do my best to schedule at a time that is optimal for all who are enrolled. Recordings of each class and session will be available for those who can’t participate in a particular class live – and there will be a way for questions to be submitted prior to the Q&A classes to ensure that your question(s) are answered.

==> What your gifts are! They’re there for you to discover them. And I’m excited to help you do just that!

It’s very important to me that the right people are in this program, so there’s an application to be part of this program. In order to complete the application, you must submit a refundable deposit. I want only people who are committed to their spiritual journey and excited about discovering their spiritual gifts enrolled in this program. If that’s you – I encourage you to pay the refundable deposit ($100) and submit your application.

Once this is submitted Heather will schedule you for a one-on-one conversation with me. These will be scheduled on a first submitted, first scheduled basis so the sooner you submit, the better.

Apply Now:
If you’re accepted into the program, your deposit will be applied towards your enrollment and the balance will be due at that time. If not, your deposit will be immediately refunded.

If you’re ready to for some powerful self-discovery around your spiritual gifts I invite you to be part of this program.

Here’s the summary of the Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts Small Group Immersion program:
        • Intense, advanced program, designed to support 12 participants in deeper self-discovery of their spiritual gifts.
        • If you haven’t already completed Foundations of Spiritual Mastery I you’ll receive this for completion prior to start of program.
        • Develop/deepen your relationship with your Intuitive Guidance System to ensure you have at least two levels of intuitive confirmation and awareness as you move forward.
        • Membership in The Sanctuary during the program so you’re able to participate in group sessions each week during the immersion. 5 Sessions focused exclusively on the group, 5 that are general integration sessions.
        • Interact with the group on an exclusive, secure website (not part of Facebook) where you’ll also be able to download recordings of each session/training and any other resources that may be developed or shared throughout the program.
        • Virtual program – taking place via webcast/teleconference.
          10-Week Program begins mid-November 2015 and continues into 2016 with time off for the holidays.
  • Receive a complimentary ticket to the spring event – the Embodied Messenger Experience in Estes Park Colorado (April 18th – 20th, 2016). Your ticket includes everything associated with a paid ticket shutterstock_145973228(including breakfast and lunch at the resort Monday 18th – Wednesday 20th of September ($1500)
  • Join people from around the world for three days of deep resonance and powerful work around Spiritual Leadership and your journey as a Spiritual Messenger.
    • Total: $3000
    • Submit your refundable deposit now and take the next step forward in securing your place in this powerful Small Group Immersion Program as you Discover your Spiritual Gifts.

Bottom line – if you know this is for you – enroll now, don’t wait. We already have 4 people enrolled and the balance of the openings will fill quickly.

If you’re not sure but you’re interested – submit your deposit and application. We’ll get on the phone and figure it out together. If it’s not a good fit we’ll immediately refund your deposit. If it’s a perfect fit, you’ve just secured a place in this Small Group Immersion Program and taken an important step forward on your spiritual journey.

If this program is your next step I’m honored to support you in this way.

The Divine is within you, expressing through you, as you. To see and feel that takes my breath away.

It’s a privilege to walk with and lead you on the most profound journey available: the journey inward to discover, experience, integrate, and embody the Divine.


PS – Don’t enroll in this program to have what you think you already know confirmed. Enroll to step into the unknown in a small group virtual immersion program so you can open up to something much bigger than anything you can begin to imagine!

Are you ready? Submit your deposit with the link below – then submit your application and we’ll chat soon to confirm your place in this immersion program.