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Please take a moment to read about the details
of the consultation before applying.

Important to read FIRST: This consultation is designed to give you the opportunity to share a bit about your situation and ask questions of Ken to see if working together one-on-one is a good fit for you. In addition to answering your questions and connecting with you, Ken’s intention for these consultations is to see if working with you is a good fit for him. It probably goes without saying: if approved, please ask all your questions and get clear around the details of working with Ken during during the consultation (for more information about package and individual session costs and options please follow this link). One complimentary consultation will be allowed per approved individual.

SECOND: If approved, your consultation is not an energy or healing session. Ken has learned through experience in his private practice that working with you for single one-on-one session (45-60 minutes) isn’t in your highest and best interests much less for a 20 minute consultation. If you’re serious about working with Ken in private session you are encouraged to apply! Initial private session packages range from 5 to 14 single sessions – and always begin with the Beneath the Sand process unless you’ve already completed this process through Foundations of Spiritual Mastery I course.

If you’re looking for options for working with Ken in group session please enroll in the Foundations of Spiritual Mastery I course which includes an introduction to group sessions with Ken.

If you’re looking for opportunities to experience Ken’s work on a complimentary basis, check out the Solstice For Your Soul and 4 Days of Healing experiences, both of which are powerful resources utilized by thousands around the world with wonderful results – and they’re FREE!

LAST: Please take your time when applying and provide as much information as you feel inspired to when answering the questions. Ken has a limited amount of time each month for these conversations – and getting a complete picture in writing helps him decide if it’s a good use of his – and your – time to connect live. Depending on Ken’s calendar he’s typically able to follow-up within 72 hours (3 business days) of application if you’re approved (though lately due to a very busy calendar response times have stretched into weeks. Please be patient). If approved you will receive a personal email from Ken (from ken(at)