September, 2013 | Ken Stone, The Soul Archaeologist

2013 September

Hunting Red Herring – From My Heart

From My Heart | on Sep. 26, 2013 | by | 0 Comments

Have you ever thought the key to moving forward in your life was this special thing – and now that you’ve finally got it figured out, you can do this special thing you can get on with things and make your life exactly the way you want it? It’s magic […]

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Paradox of Truth – From My Heart

From My Heart | on Sep. 19, 2013 | by | 0 Comments

Is one perspective or truth superior to another? *** How do you resolve the paradox of truth? [note: by “paradox of truth” I mean the apparent contradictions that exist between the varied perspectives, beliefs, and awareness of each of the 7 plus billion expressions of the one that are alive […]

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Be You – From My Heart

From My Heart | on Sep. 12, 2013 | by | 0 Comments

Who are you? I know you’re an undistorted extension and expression of the Divine. But who are you? *** How does your personality show up in the world? Do you try to modify who you are to fit in? To be accepted by others? To be successful? Do you feel […]

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Two Favorite Stories – From My Heart

From My Heart | on Sep. 09, 2013 | by | 0 Comments

One of my favorite stories is one I heard about the Dalai Lama (I think I first heard it in a movie called 10 questions for the Dalai Lama). This story offers so much richness of awareness and insight for me – perhaps it will for you as well. *** […]

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