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2013 May

Separation – From My Heart

From My Heart | on May. 29, 2013 | by | 0 Comments

Two cosmologies: Everything is Divine. There is Good and Evil. Which is correct? *** One prescribes protection as necessary for engaging in the world. Entities to be removed and guarded against. Dark forces focused on derailing you and taking you away from all that is good (health, purpose, connection, joy, […]

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Focus – From My Heart

From My Heart | on May. 22, 2013 | by | 0 Comments

When things aren’t going well, it’s easy for me to focus in on what’s wrong and try to figure out how to fix it. I can become quite fixated on what’s wrong and what I need to do to make it better. This approach has yet to produce an experience […]

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Continuum of Consciousness – From My Heart

From My Heart | on May. 15, 2013 | by | 0 Comments

There are 7+ billion human expressions of the One. And how many perspectives … on Love or relationship with the One? *** How many stages of consciousness are there? I’ve identified 4 (Victim, Manifestor/Control, Conduit, Union). Yet on the continuum of consciousness there must be an infinite series of perspectives […]

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Where is God? From My Heart

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Nothing differentiates the various expressions of the Divine other than illusion. *** We see grass, a rock, or a fish. There is God. *** We see a Muslim, a Jew, or a Hindu. There is God. *** We see the snow, the rain, and the river. There is God. *** […]

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Humbled – From My Heart

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There should be a universal warning sign that lights up anytime someone is thinking about writing a non-fiction spiritual book: “ WARNING: You are about to starting LIVING your book!!” AKA: You’re about to be humbled in ways you can’t imagine. *** An author has the audacity to claim a significant […]

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