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2012 December

How Do I Heal – From My Heart

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I trust you’re enjoying a powerful and extraordinary holiday season!! In keeping with the themes of the entire year, December has been a month of high contrast. The transformation moved into a new gear with last Friday’s Solstice. Wow! Amazing! Wow!!! *** We’ve opened the door to a new era. […]

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The End and the Beginning – From My Heart

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We are all the same. Undistorted extensions and expressions of the Divine. Whole in every way … even when we’re not experiencing what is real. *** We are all one. It’s easy to think we’re separate from each other, ourselves, and the Divine. But this is not real. We are […]

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The Three Most Powerful Words – From My Heart

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Have you been noticing how the same stuff keeps coming up over and over again. It’s like biting your cheek or tongue over and over again in the same place. Hurts like hell – and tends to be exponentially frustrating each time! *** This week has been full of wonderful […]

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Skiing & Love – From My Heart

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I was up in the Colorado Mountains skiing the past two weekends. I fell a few times, was terrified more than once, and laughed and felt exhilarated much of the time. I only skied the green (easiest) runs, LOL!! No one would mistake me for an accomplished skier. I’m competent […]

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