June, 2012 | Ken Stone, The Soul Archaeologist

2012 June

Communication Gap – From My Heart

From My Heart | on Jun. 29, 2012 | by | 0 Comments

Last summer I called myself out to you about my inauthentic BS in my written communication with my weekly From My Heart emails. If you missed it – you can read it here. http://kenwstone.com/?p=127 This week it’s time for me to call myself out again – this time on email […]

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Wide Open – From My Heart

Uncategorized | on Jun. 21, 2012 | by | 0 Comments

My heart is wide open as I write you this morning. What a transforming day yesterday on so many levels.  The Solstice for Your Soul session was wonderful.  The theme of the year continues: A rebirth of consciousness within.  And as you know – as within so without. Apparently I […]

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Unexpected Gifts – From My Heart

From My Heart | on Jun. 14, 2012 | by | 0 Comments

This past week I received an unexpected gift: A massive forest fire close to my home here in Colorado. How could this be a gift you may wonder? I was wondering the same thing when on Sunday night on my way home late at night I had to get permission (from a policeman who was blocking the main road that runs near my neighborhood) to come home.

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Acceleration From My Heart

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I wrote about this earlier this year – and it’s back! The acceleration curve and all the fun that entails – here to visit us again as we wrap up the second quarter of 2012. It’s fitting that with the Venus Transit over the last day, and the upcoming Summer […]

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