February, 2012 | Ken Stone, The Soul Archaeologist

2012 February

Painting From My Heart

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When I was in college I wanted to paint. To express that which I could not put into words by creating art. There were pictures in my mind, and I thought I could create them on the canvas. I never did. Later in my life, I started creating with a […]

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Wounds – From My Heart

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One of the themes this year seems to be ‘Play Full Out.’ So I’ve been practicing this in my life. It’s been wonderful, scary, expansive – and much more – beyond words really. It’s also been bringing up my wounds to the surface for healing. This is one of the themes that I’m seeing in 2012 with people all around the world.

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Paradox Integration From My Heart

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Have you noticed how the fundamental paradox (dual and non-dual: are we all separate – or are we all one?) repeats itself over and over again in your life in many different forms? It’s as if you’re being invited to become comfortable living in the space between two “absolutes” repeatedly. […]

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Conform – From My Heart

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Do you feel like you need to conform? To what other people think you should be or do? To a formula for success in your life or your career? To what you think you should be or how you should act?

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